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Once Upon A Mattress, presented by Collision Care Xpress, is a musical comedy based upon the beloved fairytale, The Princess and the Pea. The lords and ladies of the kingdom are unhappy because Queen Aggravain has decreed that no one is allowed to marry until her adult son, Prince Dauntless has found a suitable princess to wed. Each petitioning princess is tried with difficult tasks to test different aspects of her worthiness. All princesses have failed and been sent away thus far. Sir Harry, desperate to marry the Lady Larken, ventures out to the far reaches of the land to find a new princess. One night, Harry brings back a very unique and seemingly unrefined Princess Winnifred, who intrigues Dauntless and the court. However, the Queen finds her completely unbecoming and creates a seemly impossible test to pass: a pea placed underneath twenty mattresses to test sensitivity. If Winnifred sleeps soundly, she fails. Will she pass this unreasonable test and wed Dauntless? Join us in this silly, upbeat story that teaches to never judge a book by its cover.

Tickets will go on sale next Thursday, March 7. The show dates and times are as follows:

  • April 5 at 7:00 p.m. (Premiere Seating $25, Regular Seating $15)
  • April 6 at 2:00 p.m. (All Seating $15)
  • April 6 at 7:00 p.m.  (Premiere Seating $25, Regular Seating $15)

Hope to see you all at one of these shows this April!

The men’s varsity basketball team clinched the Regional Championship for the fourth straight year in a row! They defeated Sagemont 77–44 on Tuesday evening and now set their sights on their fourth consecutive visit to Lakeland, Florida, for the State Championship series.

The Class 4A Semifinals will be held on Wednesday, March 6, at 10:00 a.m. at the Lakeland Center. The Lions will take on University Christian of Jacksonville. Then, the Class 4A State Championship game will be on Thursday, March 7, at 2:00 p.m.

For all Lions’ fans ready to head to Lakeland, the school will provide a Fan Bus on both Wednesday and Thursday. The cost of the round‐trip charter bus is $25 per student per day. Students must hand in payment and signed permission forms to the upper school office prior to the trip. Information on departure times is forthcoming via email to current families. For those driving on their own, parking is $10 a day. Admission for each day at the Lakeland Center is $10 in advance at or $13 at the ticket window.

More information for the semifinals and finals can be accessed on the FHSAA website. Live webcasts are available through NFHS Network (semifinals only) and Spectrum Sports (finals only)—current Spectrum Sports customers click here, and non‐Spectrum customers click here (outside Tampa & Orlando area).

Throughout the school year, National Honor Society (NHS) partners with Lauderdale Lakes Alzheimer’s Care Center. Students visit the center and sing hymns, make crafts, and fellowship with the residents. The students further their support with an annual Walk to Benefit the Alzheimer’s Center, which is the biggest fundraiser for NHS every year.

Because of the half‐day on Wednesday, the National Honor Society spent the afternoon participating in the fundraiser. After school, students made their way out to the west campus Athletic Complex to walk for support of the Center. With the president, Cole Lynch, organizing and leading the way, this year the NHS students raised over $3000! Congratulations students for raising such a generous amount for the Alzheimer’s Center.

Thursday, February 21
  • MS Boys Track and Field: 2nd Place at The King’s Academy Meet
  • MS Girls Track and Field: 3rd Place at The King’s Academy Meet
  • Varsity Softball: Won 15–0 vs. SLAM Academy
  • Varsity Tennis: Varsity Ladies’ Tennis: Won 6–1 vs. Yeshiva
  • Varsity Men’s Basketball Regional Semifinals: Won 105–46 vs. Miami Country Day
Friday, February 22
  • Varsity Softball: Won 16–0 vs. Trinity Christian
Saturday, February 23
  • Varsity Men’s Track and Field Relays: Steven Tinsley and David Zhu (1st Place Finish in the Shot Put and Discus)
  • Varsity Ladies’ Track and Field Relays: 2nd Place finish for the 4x100m and 3rd place finish for the 4x200m relay of Whytney Boothe, Vashni Drackett, Shaynne Scott and Sara Williams
Monday, February 25
  • Varsity Men’s Track and Field Home Open #2: Steven Tinsley and David Zhu (1st Place Finish in the Shot Put and Discus)
  • Varsity Softball: Won 17–0 vs. Pine Crest
Tuesday, February 26
  • Varsity Ladies’ Water Polo: Won 9–8 vs. Deerfield Beach High School
  • Varsity Men’s Water Polo: Won 26–5 vs. Deerfield Beach High School
  • Varsity Men’s Basketball Regional Finals: Won 77–44 vs. The Sagemont School
Wednesday, February 27
  • Varsity Softball: Won 16–0 vs. SLAM Academy

Scores from all events are available on our website under Athletics. Click on the sport’s schedule to see the latest scores. 


Summer School is now open to all students entering grades 6–12 in the fall of 2019. Summer school runs from Monday, June 3, through Wednesday, July 3, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Please complete the registration form to sign up.

Available Courses:

  • Remedial Math Courses (Grades 6–12)—Remedial math courses are all taught on an individual basis for Pre‐Algebra, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Math for College Readiness, and Algebra with Trigonometry.
  • Conceptual Physics—This course offers a conceptual and exploratory approach to classical mechanics, optics, and electricity for Juniors and Seniors. Successful completion of Algebra and Geometry is a prerequisite.
  • Spanish II—This course further increases listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, as well as cultural awareness. The content includes an expansion of the four communication skills and a survey of the target culture.
  • World History (Grade 9)—This course will trace history from the ancient world to the Middle Ages including, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and European eras.
  • European History (Grade 10)—This course will emphasize the major philosophies, events, and personalities from the 1400’s to the present day with a strong emphasis on European history.
  • U.S. History (Grade 11)—This course presents a chronological survey of American history that spans pre‐Columbus Christian exploration to current times.
  • SAT/ACT Prep Course—A summer school course will be devoted to understanding the newly redesigned SAT exam as well as the ACT exam with its redesigned essay. The changes to the SAT are significant and include how the test is scored as well as major content changes in the reading, writing, and math sections.
    • Session I: June 3 to June 18 for SAT/ACT preparation is open to students who would like to begin preparing for the SAT and ACT tests.
    • Session II: June 19 to July 3 is open to students who would like to begin preparing for the SAT and ACT tests. The cost is $400.