Christian scholarship lies at the very core of Westminster Academy. It has, since its founding in 1971, been a distinctive quality that has set WA apart from all other educational opportunities in South Florida. It is driven by the deeply-rooted belief that faith and intellect are gifts from God—our Creator and Redeemer. Christian scholarship demands the fusion of faith and intellect as we seek to understand God’s truth in both natural and supernatural revelation—the former being found in the created order of the world around us, and the latter being found in His written Word. No academic discipline or schooling activity lies outside of this quest.

Whether students find themselves learning about reactions between the elements or studying the Pauline epistles, the knowledge gained finds as its source the Creator Himself at the center of it all. This centrality of God to all of life and learning compels our dedication to academic excellence.

Portrait Of A Graduate

Since 1971, Westminster Academy has existed to equip covenant students for God’s glory. Through the decades, programs have been refined to maximize the 16,000 hours that students will spend in school. Our goals do not end with graduation but begin to manifest after Commencement in the lives of our alumni.

Westminster Academy graduates…

…are Christ-followers. They seek to understand His purpose in their lives. They see the world through a biblical lens and seek Kingdom priorities over personal ones. They share the Gospel through both their word and witness and are adept at defending the faith.

…are community builders. They build Christ-honoring relationships with others in their communities, careers, churches, and homes. They are effective communicators and collaborators and are quick to engage the culture with integrity.

…are committed to excellence. They relentlessly pursue excellence in all things. This pursuit is marked with discipline, diligence, and resilience—along with an explicit recognition that good enough is neither.

…are critical thinkers. They approach problems, issues, and challenges using reason and logic to discover answers. They are lifelong learners continually gathering knowledge and skills as resources to draw from in formulating innovative solutions.

…are compassionate contributors. They recognize all they have been given is a gift from God and for His glory alone. They are grateful in attitude and generous in action—seeking to help those who cannot help themselves.