Tuition & Fees

Tuition, Capital Maintenance, & Student Activity Fees

When a student is enrolled at Westminster Academy, and the enrollment fee is paid, families are liable for an entire year of tuition, due in full on June 1, prior to the start of school. We recognize that such a large outlay is not practical for many families, and as a result, we offer several payment options:

  • Annual—A 2% discount is available for annual payments made
    by June 1
  • Semi-Annual—Due on June 1 and December 1
  • Quarterly—Due on June 1, September 1, December 1, and March 1
  • Monthly—Due on the first of each month for 12 months starting on
    June 1. A 2% service charge will be included in the calculated monthly charge. Accounts that are not paid by the 15th of the month will be considered past due and will be charged a $25 late fee.

The FACTS Tuition Management Program will only accept payment in one of two ways:

  1. ACH Bank Transfer—Banking information must be provided to facilitate automated monthly ACH draws. No bank fees will be assessed by FACTS.
  2. Credit Card—A credit card must be placed on file, and credit card processing fees will be assessed by FACTS.

Optional Program Fees

Optional Program Fees are billed as they are incurred throughout the school year. Payments can be made in three ways:

  1. ACH Bank Transfer—No fees are assessed by FACTS
  2. Credit Card—Credit card processing fees will be assessed by FACTS
  3. Cash or Check—Returned checks will be subject to a $30 fee assessed by Westminster Academy.

Financial Assistance Program

The objective of the Westminster Academy Financial Assistance Program is to assist Christian families who have a demonstrated financial need and are unable to afford the full cost of tuition. The program is available for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. Financial assistance is offered in the form of annual grants which are determined by a sub-committee of the School Board after an evaluation of the applicant’s financial need. Please note that the Westminster Academy Financial Assistance—combined with other sources of financial assistance—will not exceed 75% of tuition.

FACTS Tuition Management

The FACTS Tuition Management Program makes payment easier for you by distributing the tuition and grade level fees over 12 monthly payments processed by electronic funds transfer directly from your bank or credit card. The initial set-up fee for this service is $45 per family and is administered by FACTS. The first payment begins in June and continues through May. Your student is not enrolled until you have established your FACTS account through our business office.

Please note that if you apply for admission any time after June (when our 12 payment installment plan has begun) you will be required to pay any tuition due prior to admittance.

Please click below to enroll in the FACTS Tuition Management Program. Before you begin online FACTS enrollment, please have a check from your bank account with the bank name, phone, routing, and account number. A credit card may also be used for monthly payments.

Please call FACTS directly at 800.624.7092 Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. with any registration questions or concerns.