Westminster Academy has over 4,000 graduates impacting our communities, our nation, and our world in every sphere of society including business, healthcare, education, government, engineering, entertainment, athletics, media, military, first responders, and ministry.

We are proud of our alumni—their character, accomplishments, and impact for the Kingdom of God. We enjoy highlighting the achievements of WA alumni through our annual report, the PawPrint, the Athletic Hall of Honor Awards, the Distinguished Alumni Award,  and social media. To share news about alumni, or to nominate alumni for awards, please fill out the Nominate Alumni form on this page.

The Westminster Academy Alumni Association unites and involves alumni, parents, faculty, and staff and promotes Christ-centered fellowship, involvement, and financial support to the school that has played a significant role in their lives. We also give back to our future alumni each year through two college scholarships to the senior class.

Perhaps the most visible way the Alumni Association promotes fellowship and unity between the past and the present is through a variety of events, such as…

Class Reunions

If your class is planning a reunion or you would like to volunteer to help organize a reunion, please contact Alumni Relations and Events Specialist, Sandy Smith ’85 Hall. The Development Office can provide a reunion guide, access to our database, and promotion on our alumni social media to help ensure your gathering is a success.


Save the date for Homecoming on Friday, October 20, 5:30 p.m. for the Alumni Tailgate, and kick-off at 7 p.m. Each fall, we gather for an alumni tailgate prior to the Homecoming Football game to enjoy good food and reuniting with classmates and present the Athletic Hall of Honor Awards. After the game, be sure to stay to watch or play in the Traditional Annual Knockout Ultimate Frisbee game.

Winter Court

Join us each January as a participant or fan for the Annual Lions Knockout Alumni vs. Faculty Basketball Game following the Winter Court Basketball game.

Senior & Alumni Luncheon

Join us in May as we welcome the graduating class into the Alumni Association. Alumni will share words of wisdom for college and life, as well as the impact WA had on their lives. In keeping with tradition, LaSpada’s subs will be served!


Be a part of our seniors’ special day. We will present the Distinguished Alumni Award to a deserving alumnus during the Commencement Ceremony.

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Hey Alumni…We are taking a road trip! If you will be in Washington D.C. September 20th we would love for you to join us for breakfast! Send an email to if you can join us!
#FamilyNeverGraduates #homecomingontheroad
Thank you Brigitte Gelin ‘01 Sylvestre @moodyradioflorida for overseeing the internship with Lea Miller ‘25 ! The future looks bright!😎#nationalinternday #familynevergraduates
Happy Flag Day!❤️💙❤️💙
“Those who want to make the greatest impact on an organization do so by staying the longest!” - Dr. Wackes … and Guy Metzger did just that!
Class of 2023 … Welcome to the Alumni Association! 💙🎓❤️🎓💙 #FamilyNeverGraduates
Calling all local alum… you are welcome to join us in celebrating the Class of 2023 for our traditional LaSpadas in the Dr. Kenneth P. Wackes Media Center May 25th at 11:30 a.m. 🎓🦁🎓 If you are stopping by- please RSVP by email to so security will have your name. #FamilyNeverGraduates
Give a hand to our final 2nd generation alum 👏👏👏We don’t have favorites but… the Senior class couldn’t have done it without the best Director of College Planning🎓 Donna Bryant ‘90 Payner and shout out to her son Jacob Payner ‘23! Congratulations! We are proud of all our seniors! Welcome to the Alumni Family!
#FamilyNeverGraduates #knownandloved🎓🎉🎓
The traditional “Greatest Story Ever Told” by the legendary Mr. Jominy! Class of 2023 in for a treat! #FamilyNeverGraduates #seniortrip
The Class of 1993 is excited to welcome this class to the Alumni Association! Alison Phegley’93 Elmer and Samantha Elmer ‘23 … you have one more thing in common! ❤️💙🥎💙❤️ You will always have Homecoming Reunions together! 🦁 #FamilyNeverGraduates #knownandloved 🎓🎉🎓
When you can honor an alum and celebrate the senior class... it’s a win win! Class of 2023  we ❤️you!!! We are proud of you Jamie Black ‘97 Aguiar Macy and Jacob Aguiar ‘23! The best is yet to come... ask your mom! 🎉🎓🎉Congratulations! #FamilyNeverGraduates #knownandloved🎓🎉🎓
We have had a ball with this 2nd generation family! 🏀🦁🏀 Gregg Coningsby ‘81 and Tyler Coningsby’23 it’s the end of an era but we will be here for the 3rd generation Coningsby Clan!  #FamilyNeverGraduates #knownandloved 🎓🎉🎓

Alumni Board

George Barbar ’98

Jon Barbar ’00

Olivia Bibbee ’14

Alex Buschmann ’10

Allison Phegley ’93 Elmer

Sandy Smith ’85 Hall

Aubrey Jominy ’98 Liem

Sarah Abadines ’04 Maba

Rob Pacienza ’99

Philip Piedt ’07

Megan Burns ’06 Piedt 

Taylor Sasser ’11 Yoraway

The Westminster Academy Alumni Association’s mission is to unite and involve the alumni, parents, faculty, and staff as we promote Christ-centered fellowship, involvement, and financial support to a school that has played a significant role in our lives.

Distinguished Alumni Awards

The Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes alumni for extraordinary personal and career accomplishments in our culture and communities for God’s glory. Our Distinguished Alumni serve as role models to our current students as they clearly demonstrate the application of  WA’s core values and guiding principles to their lives and exemplify being devoted to Christ and dedicated to excellence.

Each year recipients will be nominated by their peers and selected by members of the faculty and alumni board. To make a nomination, please use the form at the top of this page.

Athletic Hall of Honor

The Westminster Academy Athletic Hall of Honor was established in 2014 to honor the men and women who have made outstanding contributions to the WA Athletic program since 1971. The mighty Lions have been blessed by a distinguished athletic legacy, and we want to recognize and honor some of our exceptional alumni, coaches, and contributors who were instrumental in the success of our athletic program. As a way to continue to promote the mission of WA and to inspire excellence in athletics and the overall educational journey of our students, we want to celebrate our nominees for their demonstration of discipline, sacrifice, perseverance, cooperation, and commitment in athletics for God’s glory at WA.

Athletes: Anthony John Barbar ’11, Jimmy Bishop ’00, John Bona ’97, Kevin Chapman ’06, Mike Claeys ’85, Leane Darling ’03, Matthew den Dekker ’06, Kristen Galuppi ’91, Jennifer Garvin ’88, Richard Hanna ’88, Caroline Israels ’13, Rachel Jominy ’91, Danny Kanell ’92, Sheree Kasch ’79, Patricia Kranz ’11, Steel Lafferty ’10, Erin Martin ’77, Richard McArthur ’79, James McCann ’79, Linda Menees ’78, Devin Pierce ’97, Dana Pounds ’02, Joshua Pressley ’98, Carri Sipowski ’83, Sally Smith ’81, Michael Taylor ’09, Kurt Wade ’79, Ehren Wallhoff ’91, Amy Cochran ’02, Graydon Oliver ’97, Brian Kovack ’92, Kevin McKinnon ’97, Chris Hall ’06, Melissa Cundiff ’00, Thomas Fagley ’90, Shawna Vest ’90, Sarah Freas ’96, Tommy Fagley ’90, Sam Freas ’94, Courtney Meredith ‘14, Dwight Rogers ‘01

Coaches: Bruce Buit, Tom Fagley, Denise Israels, Ken Key, Leroy Schwab, Carolyn Steenhoek, Mike McPherson, Bill Murton, Larry Burnsworth, Ehren Wallhoff ’92, Jeff Smith, Russ Coningsby

Teams: 1979 Men’s Track & Field Team State Champions, 1979 Women’s Track & Field Team State Champions, 1990 Men’s Football Team State Champions, 1990 Softball Team State Champions, 1990 Women’s Basketball Team State Champions, 1999 Baseball Team State Champions, 2002 Basketball Team State Champions, 1999 Softball State Champions, 1983-85, 1987-88 Men’s Cross Country State Champion Dynasty, 2008 State Champion Track Team, The Dynasty Cross Country Team from the 80s Winning States 5 of 6 years

For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come. ~1 Timothy 4:8

If you would like to nominate someone for the Athletic Hall of Honor, please use the form at the top of this page and choose Athletic Hall of Honor under Select Award and include a brief explanation as to why you feel they deserve to be nominated.

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