Men’s Soccer

The soccer program at Westminster Academy is one marked by Christ-centeredness and excellence. We strive to develop disciples of Christ through a quality soccer program. Our soccer players are trained and coached to develop their skills and become competitive even beyond high school with soccer specific conditioning, club-level training, and top-level off-season development.

Our goal is to develop soccer players, that play for Christ, play hard, play smart and play together—THE BIG FOUR. It is our mission to cultivate an environment where our players strive to give their best because they love and enjoy the game, our school, each other and because they play for the glory of God.

Coaches will never compromise the development of our athletes as soccer players and followers of Christ for a winning record. We will remain committed to our philosophy that when we develop good soccer players that play good soccer we will continue to be blessed with winning seasons.

We challenge our soccer players to be young men of character and integrity on and off the field and encourage them to have a sense of “P.R.I.D.E.” (Personal Responsibility In Daily Effort) playing soccer because they are participating in the most popular sport around the world. Because soccer is a worldwide sport we also provide our students with opportunities to do missions using soccer as a tool to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Head Coach: Chris Lamarre , 954.771.4600 x2468

Men’s Varsity Soccer

Men’s Junior Varsity Soccer

Boys’ Grades 6–8 Soccer