School Board

Westminster Academy is blessed to have dedicated and talented leaders from within the South Florida Christian community who serve together as the School Board of Westminster Academy. Westminster Academy exists as a ministry of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church and is, by extension, affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). The board serves as a commission of the session of the church with the responsibility of broad oversight in areas of school mission, strategic planning, funding, and policy. Consisting of 12–16 members, the board hires, evaluates, and supports the headmaster who, in turn, is responsible for the daily operations of the school.

In addition to regular meetings, the board meets annually to ensure each member understands their corporate responsibilities and accepts them individually.

School Board Members

Mr. George Barbar ’98 (Chairman)

Dr. Jennifer Boeri

Mr. Terry Boynton

Mrs. Sherry Clements (Secretary)

Mr. Wayne Cotton

Dr. Magnus Ekedede

Mr. David Hall

Mr. Trey Miller (Vice-Chairman)

Mrs. Kim Nava ’84 

Rev. Rob Pacienza ’99 (ex officio, Lead Pastor)

 Mr. Philip Piedt ’07

Mr. Joel Satterly (ex officio, Headmaster)

Mr. Robert Taylor