Fine Arts Junior Thespian Results

Fine Arts Junior Thespian Results

Junior Thespians in grades 6-8 competed in the District competition and received 8 Superiors and 12 Excellent ratings from the judges! They participated in multiple events showcasing their acting, singing, design skills, and overall performance abilities. Because of their high scores, the group moves on to Junior Thespian States in Orlando in February. Congratulations, WA performing arts Lions!


  • Large Group Musical:Hard Knock Life” from Annie–Isabella Martinez, Abry Kennicott, Violet Scicchitano, Naomi Bertrand, Mila Blackmon, Abigail Pinho, Lariza Ora, Grace Barbar, Heila Breivyte, Kate Hajduk, Greta Harms, Kayla Romero, Emory Lanier, Jessa Stervil, and Samantha Carre
  • Solo Musical:  Grace Barbar—“Times Like This” from Lucky Stiff
  • Solo Musical:  Lariza Ora—“Spoonful of Sugar” from Mary Poppins
  • Solo Musical: Emory Lanier—“My Grand Plan” from The Lightning Thief
  • Monologue: Emory Lanier—“Sally Brown’s Scene” from You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown
  • Improvisation: Abigail Pinho & Heila Breivyte
  • Costume Design: Mila Blackmon–Hamilton
  • Costume Design: Naomi Bertrand–Beauty and the Beast


  • Monologue: Abry Kennicott—“Journal” from Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Musical
  • Monologue: Isabella Martinez—“Morticia” from The Addams Family
  • Monologue: Kayla Romero—“Jasmine” from Aladdin the Musical
  • Monologue: Aidan Fitzgerald—“Trombone” from Stupid Is Just For Today
  • Solo Musical: Abigail Pinho—“Pulled” from The Addams Family
  • Solo Musical: Kate Hajduk—“Right Hand Man” from Something Rotten
  • Solo Musical: Greta Harms—“One Hundred Easy Ways” from Wonderful Town
  • Solo Musical: Aidan Fitzgerald—“The Kite” from You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown
  • Duet Musical: Abry Kennicott & Kayla Romero—“Some Things Were Meant To Be” from Little Women
  • Small Group Musical: “She’s In Love” from The Little Mermaid–Greta Harms, Kate Hajduk, Lariza Ora, Grace Barbar & Aidan Fitzgerald
  • Ensemble Acting: Violet Scicchitano, Naomi Bertrand & Jessa Stervil–“Stepmother & Stepsisters” from Cinderella
  • Set Design: Christian Paul–Beauty and the Beast