Middle School Thespians Compete At Regional Level

Middle School Thespians Compete At Regional Level

In their second year, our WA Junior Thespian stars are shining! Our middle school drama students performed extremely well at the Jr. Thespian Regional Competition this fall. All of them qualified to continue to the State Virtual Junior Thespian Competition!

Superiors AND Top Honors: (Highest score in their group)

  • Solo Musical: Quiet from Matilda—Olivia Oropesa
  • Acting Monologue: Is There Life After High School? by Jeffrey KindleyCiana Ruocco
  • Acting Monologue: The Wishing Star by DM Larson—Madison Sanders


  • Solo Musical: Home from Beauty and the Beast—Rachael Toledano
  • Solo Musical: Giants in the Sky from Into the Woods—Luis Ramirez
  • Solo Musical: The Life I Never Led from Sister Act—Ciana Ruocco


  • Solo Musical: Grow for Me from Little Shop of Horrors—Brady Oropesa
  • Solo Musical: Popular from Wicked—Clara Custodio
  • Solo Musical: Ireland from Legally Blonde—Madison Sanders
  • Solo Musical: Once Upon a December from Anastasia—Camilla Zayas-Cruz
  • Duet Acting: Upon My Return by Joseph Arnone—Luis Ramirez and Brady Oropesa
  • Duet Musical: Some Things are Meant to Be from Little Women—Juliana Lonetta and Olivia Oropesa
  • Acting Monologue: Paranoid by Deborah Maddox—Camilla Zayas-Cruz
  • Acting Monologue: Big Bad Wolf by DM Larson—Brianna Boynton

Congratulations to each of these students!