Fine Arts Junior Thespian Results

Fine Arts Junior Thespian Results

The Junior Thespians attended Districts on November 5. This was the largest group of students from WA ever to attend, and they walked away with 9 Superiors and 12 Excellent ratings from the judges! The group will continue on to the Junior Thespians States in Orlando on January 12. Below are the results from the Districts:


  • Solo Musical:  Gabriella Molina—My New Philosophy from You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown
  • Solo Musical:  Lariza Ora—Born to Entertain from Ruthless! 
  • Solo Musical:  Aidan Fitzgerald—Red Ryder Carbine Action BB Gun from A Christmas Story
  •  Solo Musical:  Evelyn Branham—Naughty from Matilda 
  •  Solo Musical:  Grace Barbar—Good Girl Winne Foster from Tuck Everlasting
  •  Duet Musical:  Gabriella Molina & Grace Barbar—The End of the Line from Theory of Relativity
  •  Duet Acting: Rafaela Silveira & Greta Harms—Timon & Pumba from The Lion King Jr.
  •  Monologue: Lariza Ora—Wonder Boot Snippet by Luke McMahon
  •  Monologue: Lawrence Parker—The Spelling Bee from Eleemosynary by Lee Blessing


  •  Solo Musical:  Kate Hajduk—Live Out Loud from A Little Princess
  •  Solo Musical:  Abigail Gundlach—Much More from The Fantasticks
  •  Duet Musical:  Lawrence Parker & Eva Kennicott—Love is an Open Door from Frozen
  •  Duet Musical:  Kate Hajduk & Greta Harms—I Can’t Lose You from Frozen
  •  Duet Musical:  Stephen Wright & Abigail Pinho—You Can Be My Friend from Junie B. Jones
  •  Duet Acting:  Samantha Carre & Eva Kennicott—The Debt by Laurie Allen
  •  Monologue: Stephen Wright—Schroeder’s Monologue from You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown
  •  Monologue:  Abigail Pinho—The Coat Hanger Sculpture from You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown
  • Costume Design: Elina Ross—Designs from the show Aladdin
  • Costume Design:  Karina Benedetto—Designs from the show Annie
  •  Scene Writing:  Samone Jones-Tynes—The After-School Special
  •  Large Group Musical:  NYC from Annie—Evelyn Branham, Stephen Wright, Karina Benedetto, Grace Barbar, Elina Ross, Abigail Pinho, Samantha Carre, Lariza Ora, Gabriella Molina,  Kate Hajduk, Rafaela Silveira, Greta Harms, Samone Jones-Tynes, Eva Kennicott, Lawrence Parker & Abigail Gundlach