A Word From Dr. Satterly—May 11, 2023

A Word From Dr. Satterly—May 11, 2023

​Dear WA Community,

As the old poem goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” Perhaps that saying is more reflective of my native Kentucky than South Florida, but it does seem to indicate that May is a month for flourishing. Perhaps the horticultural cycle fits within that sentiment, but not necessarily the realm of schools which instead fits a theological theme—the already and not yet. For us, the month of May is fraught with wrapping up the current academic year while at the same time forging ahead for the next one.

The idea of “already and not yet” captures the tension between what God has done and what He will yet do. It is the space in which we live. Augustine said it this way, “What now is clear and plain is that neither things to come nor past are.” One of the challenges of this tension is that as we cherish the past and long for the future, we tend to overlook the present.

So while we will soon produce publications that celebrate the accomplishments of this year as well as those necessary for the transition to the next, let us set those aside for the moment and instead consider the present—the month of May. Right now, we are in the season of ceremony, which includes various awards events and even a visit from Dr. Ben Carson. This season concludes with our most grand ceremony—Commencement.

Some schools refer to this capstone exercise as graduation. It is certainly true that participating students conclude their day school experience. It is also the case that they are often referred to as “graduates.” Westminster Academy, however, sees this a bit differently. We call it “Commencement” because we believe that our new alumni are transitioning from one season to another. Rather than emphasize what has happened and what they are graduating from, we instead chose to see this the beginning of a new season. More to the point, we see Commencement as the symbolic representation of mission fulfillment. It is the penultimate expression of our mission.

With that in mind, let me encourage you to join us on Friday, May 26, 2023, in the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church sanctuary at 7:00 p.m. as our community celebrates the present. I am particularly excited about our speaker this year, Dr. Stephen Mansfield. He is an accomplished author and a winsome and engaging speaker, and we are honored that he is able to participate.

To God be the Glory!

Dr. Joel Satterly