A Word From Dr. Satterly—April 13, 2023

A Word From Dr. Satterly—April 13, 2023

​Dear WA Community,

In times gone by, the Sunday afternoon drive was a popular pastime. The notion of “just going for a drive” as a form of entertainment has gone the way of the Dodo bird (a replica of which one can view at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC, which I visited while watching our students perform in Carnegie Hall). Riding along and gazing at the scenery with wonder at new sights and sounds has been replaced—all too often—with some sort of virtual reality. My point is not to yearn for a purported genteel and cultured age but rather to suggest that we ought not to ignore the experience of the journey.

While journeys come in various shapes and sizes, I’d like to call your attention to the journey called school. At Westminster Academy, this journey begins with the end in mind and takes at least 16,000 hours to complete. It is mission-driven, embraces Christian scholarship, and aims for kingdom impact. More than 4,000 alumni have completed this journey, with scores more assisting along the way. It is a sojourn conducted in a community that seeks generational and cultural transformation.

Like most trips, this one includes both mundane and exciting experiences. Often it feels like an adventure, and at other times, like a slow march. However, at every turn, the journey is worth it. The Bible is filled with journey imagery. In Proverbs, we are warned about the “way which seems right to a man.” The Psalmist writes of a “lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” Jesus calls himself “the way, the truth, and the light.”

This edition of the eNews offers a window for us to see the journey of our students. A number of the featured articles offer a glimpse into their lives at Westminster Academy. You will notice examples of excellence across the board, unique opportunities such as the aforementioned Carnegie Hall event, outstanding athletes, and community events. A significant part of what it means to be a Westminster Academy Lion is the experience our school offers. As we look toward the end of this academic year, it is good to see this journey unfold. Take a look out the window and enjoy the journey.

To God be the Glory!

Dr. Joel Satterly