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ParentChat—Social Media and Internet Safety

Parent Chat LogoPlease join us for a free event about how to encourage the proper use of the internet and social media with their children. Pastor Adam Duckworth of Downtown Harbor Church and Blake Matthews, Director of Technology at Westminster Academy, will be sharing tips and resources in the DeVos Chapel at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church on Friday, March 17, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Refreshments will be provided by the Westminster Academy Parent Teacher Fellowship.

For more information and a list of resources please click here. Share this event on Facebook here.

As a Christ-centered school, we continue to encourage the responsible and proper use of technology and social media both on and off campus for our students, Kingdom workers, and school community. We desire to see our students glorify God in every area of their lives, including their online communication and activities.

Orlando Regional Robotics Competition

March 14, 2017 Posted in: Academics Tags: , ,

IMG_1530Congratulations and thanks to all who participated and supported our high school robotics team in the competition this weekend. Following the most difficult build season in the history of our team, we were surely tested on the competition field. Thanks to the mentors who assisted in renovating our robot and to our drive team, pit crew, and programming team, for their flexibility and hard work. Their efforts resulted in a very competitive robot.

After a very difficult day of practice rounds, we ended two days of qualification matches in second place, winning 7 of 8 matches, earning our way to the semifinal rounds.

The team was awarded the Judges Award for the first time in our 16 year history. It was earned for our work in securing State funding for all FIRST high school robotics teams. Each team in Florida received $2,000 in state sponsorship due to the efforts of our legislative group and state representatives and senators sympathetic to our cause. The text of our award read in part:

This team has gone beyond local mentoring, community service, and school activities to include spreading FIRST all the way to Tallahassee. We would like to acknowledge the STEMbassadors for attacking the legislative process, procuring funds for all FIRST Florida Teams. Congratulations Team 744, Shark Attack

The next competition will be the Smoky Mountains Regional, on Friday, March 24, and Saturday, March 25. We covet your prayers as we seek to glorify God & qualify for the World Championship in this our final regional competition in 2017.

Go Shark Attack!

Robotics Team Promotes STEM To Senator Rubio’s Office

January 25, 2017 Posted in: Academics Tags: , , , ,

DSC00281On Monday, January 23, members of WA’s robotics team (FIRST Robotics Competition Team 744 – Shark Attack) met with Senator Marco Rubio’s Regional Director and staff to discuss the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education and FIRST Robotics. They encouraged Senator Rubio to support the Christa McAuliffe Commemorative Coin Act which would benefit FIRST Robotics financially. They also discussed the importance of STEM and the effectiveness of the FIRST Robotics program in introducing and training students in STEM. Eighty-three percent of all students involved in the FIRST Robotics program are interested in becoming a scientist or engineer and many discover their passion for applied science as a direct result of their involvement in FIRST Robotics.

Our team made several proposals to Senator Rubio’s staff for funding of FIRST Robotics, funding for STEM, and educational support for teachers in STEM. The final legislative initiative discussed was our plan to create collaboration among college students pursuing science education and engineering majors, robotics mentors, and students and teachers on high school FIRST Robotics teams. We are lobbying to make internships with FIRST Robotics teams a requirement for all students pursuing a science education degree and that all engineering students would be offered credit for internships with FIRST Robotics teams. It is our hope that some engineers will decide to teach and that some teachers will become more fluent in the applied sciences. FRC Team 744 believes that STEM education must be a priority as we re-industrialize the United States of America.

Our presentation team thanked Senator Marco Rubio and his staff for their support of Christian values and for their gracious attention to our STEM proposals. 

Thanks to WA robotics students Rachel Karsner and Sebastian Molina and to mentors Cathy Stolley, Lauren Cooley, and Kent Stolley for their work on this project.

Middle School Robotics, Shark A-Tech, Wins Third Place

January 5, 2017 Posted in: Academics Tags: , , ,

15541118_1871962789689835_6548535469320721715_nOn Saturday, December 17, the rookie middle school robotics FTC Team 11204 Shark A-Tech attended their second competition at Cypress Bay High School. There were 23 other teams in attendance from the south Florida area. Team Shark A-Tech, led by drivers Trevor Coningsby, Philip Moody, and student coach Jack Joannou, competed well throughout the competition, and finished a satisfying third!

Up next for Shark A-Tech is the team interview with the FTC judges on Saturday, January 21. This is affectionately known as Judgement Day. After that is the South Florida FTC League Championship on Saturday, January 28, at Western High School. Come on out and support your middle school sharks!

High School Robotics News

December 13, 2016 Posted in: Academics Tags: , ,

Steamworks2017 FIRST Robotics Competition Kickoff

Kickoff marks the beginning of the high school robotics design and build season. On Saturday, January 7, 2017 from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. our high school robotics team will meet in the Upper School Media Center to hear about the new game FIRST STEAMWORKS. Parts will be gathered from a remote site and will be unveiled during the lunch hour. In the afternoon we will begin designing and building our game strategy and our new robot. The team will have just 6 weeks to complete the design and construction of the 2017 robot. For more information view the teaser video for STEAMWORKS.

Motorola Solutions Innovation Showcase

Our high school robotics team was invited to participate in the Motorola Solutions Innovation Showcase on Thursday, December 8. The purpose of this showcase was to celebrate and demonstrate the great innovations that Motorola Solutions is making in the communications industry and to celebrate and showcase the innovations and successes of Motorola Solutions great charitable outreach. This event was huge and our team had to walk approximately one mile within the plant to reach our assigned station for demonstrations. Our team was also there to raise awareness of the FIRST robotics among Motorola Solutions employees and to provide an opportunity for new volunteers to join FIRST robotics. Several team members demonstrated our 2016 competition robot and talked to many Motorola engineers and technicians about FIRST Robotics, our robot, and our team. Three other FIRST Robotics Competition teams from the South Florida area also made presentations. In total, Motorola Solutions Foundation supports Ten FRC teams in South Florida, making them the largest industrial sponsor of high school robotics in South Florida. They are always among our team’s greatest supporters as well. FRC Team 744 – Shark Attack is extremely thankful for Scott Greven (our Motorola Solutions mentor) and for the financial and technical support that Motorola Solutions provides to our team. All members of the demonstration team were given a guided tour of the prototype lab and adjacent areas and offered a chance to shadow engineers in their work over the summer.

Thank you to our demonstration team – Connor Bachan, Isaac Hobby, Jennae Katic, Sebastian Molina, and Jared Yu. They represented our school in exemplary fashion.

First Tournament for Shark-Byte – FLL Robotics Team

November 17, 2016 Posted in: Academics Tags: , , ,

Robotics - Team work 2On Saturday, November 5, Westminster Academy’s FIRST® LEGO® League robotics team #23808: “Shark-Byte” (formerly the ‘Westy-bots’), competed in their very first practice tournament sponsored by the “Ninjineers” of American Heritage School.

The five Shark-Byte team members spent the first half of their day gaining experience in judging sessions related to robot design, FIRST® Core Values, and the Animal Allies theme project. While blindfolded, our team successfully worked together to quickly organize themselves in order of shoe size during the teamwork challenge. In a later judging session, Lucas Greenwood shared our team’s robot design strategy and expertly answered follow-up questions posed by the judges. Stephen Seckinger and William Moreland also helped the team by enthusiastically and clearly communicating the team’s problem-solving strategy for the team project to the judges. Finally, Hannah Middleton scored points with the judges when she shared her understanding of the meaning of the FIRST® core value of “Gracious Professionalism.”

Each team member also contributed to three successful robot matches. Nicholas Galgano’s expert robot building skills provided the team with a solid and dependable robot during the competition, Stephen, worked diligently to write new programs so that the team could try new robot tasks and Hannah, William, and Lucas prepared and aligned the robot so that it could perform its tasks. While many of our competitors allowed only two team members to have hands-on time during the robot matches, our team choreographed a plan to swap out team members during the match so that all Shark-Byte team members were able to participate.

The teamwork demonstrated by Shark-Byte throughout the day was noticed and appreciated by the judges, and earned the team the FIRST® LEGO® League Core Values award! The team had a great day working and learning together and will put that to good use as they prepare for the qualifying tournament which will be held on Saturday, January 21, 2017.

Go Shark-Byte!

FRC Team 744—Shark Attack Has a Great Fall Competition Season!

November 3, 2016 Posted in: School News Tags: , , ,

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 11.02.08 AMOn Friday, September 23, and Saturday, September 24, your WA High School Robotics Team traveled to Florida Institute of Technology to compete in the Panther Prowl, a FIRST Robotics Post-Season Competition. Our Team arrived early and assisted with the set up of the pit area under the direction of event lead Paul Kepinski, a graduate of our robotics program. Congratulations to Paul, a recent FIT engineering graduate. After some vexing problems with field connections, our two robots played well, finishing the qualifying rounds in 3rd and 14th place among 31 robots. We finished the day with a first place finish! Our young team performed very well. For our six new drive team members (Isaac Hobby, Jennae Katic, Tommy Kline, Sebastian Molina, human player Frank Angione, and drive coach Alex Warters) this was the first chance to compete, and they did an amazing job. Thanks to veteran drive team members (human player Jared Yu and coach Lauren Cooley) for their leadership and contributions to our success. Pit Lead Connor Bachan and Survey Lead Keri-Anne Lue provided great leadership in a competition with many schedule changes and some technical challenges.

On Friday, October 21, and Saturday, October 22, our team competed at Mission Mayhem, our final FIRST Robotics Competition in 2016. Our team assisted in the planning, set-up, and operation of this local event, held at the Dillard High School Gymnasium and Cafeteria. Our young team improved in their skills in all areas of competition. A few mechanical and electrical problems slowed us down, but by the end of qualifying rounds, we had climbed to 6th and 9th place among 25 robots. By the beginning of final rounds, our robots were in the 3rd and 6th seed alliances. Our second robot and drive team were the 6th place alliance captains. Quarter-finals play pitted our two robots against each other, and both drive teams played very well. In the end drive team #2 (Isaac Hobby, Tommy Kline, Frank Angione, and Alex Warters) moved on to the semifinals and then to the final rounds where they fell to a world-class robot. Highlights of this event include:

  • Our Team finished as Finalists (2nd Place) in the competition.
  • Jennae Katic sang our National Anthem to start the day.
  • Headmaster Joel Satterly was able to attend part of our competition.
  • State Representative and WA parent George Moraitis was an honored guest & speaker. He was commended for his role in securing funding for FIRST Robotics Competition Teams in Florida.
  • FRC Team 744 – Shark Attack was recognized for their legislative initiative that culminated in securing $200,000.00 in state funding for
  • FIRST Robotics Competition Teams in Florida.
  • State Senator and WA parent Chris Smith was recognized for his strategic role in securing funding for FIRST Robotics Competition Teams in Florida.
  • Lead Mentor Kent Stolley received the Volunteer of the Year Award.