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Concert Band Travels To Grand Bahama Island

March 14, 2017 Posted in: Arts Tags: ,

IMG_20170305_203312510The High School Concert Band, under the direction of Mr. Jeff Carroll, traveled to Grand Bahama Island on Thursday, March 2, for what should have been a 4-day, 3-night performance trip. However, due to rough seas and the cancellation of their return ferry, the band had to extend their stay by and an additional day.

While on the island the band performed at:

  • The Lucaya Children’s Home where they were an encouragement to children who have been removed from their families
  • The Lucaya International School where they encouraged their school to start their own band program
  • The Lucaya Presbyterian Church as the main entertainment at a fundraiser for hurricane relief
  • The Lucaya Market Square entertaining shoppers and diners in and around the square
  • The Viva Fortuna Beach Resort Theater before the resort’s nightly show

Each performance was truly outstanding, and our students had a lot of fun with their audiences. In addition to their five performances that band the opportunity to visit the abandoned set to Pirates of the Caribbean, the Lucaya National Park and Caves, enjoy the amenities at the Viva Fortuna Beach Resort and of course do some shopping.

The band is thankful for those who prayed for them. They truly enjoyed representing WA and sharing their music with those on Grand Bahama Island. To view some photos from the trip, please visit the WA Facebook Page.

Harvard Model Congress

March 2, 2017 Posted in: School News Tags: ,

16831864_1514835348556630_2666981231755892825_nOn February 23, more than 1,500 high school students from across the country came together to discuss the issues of our day. This year, Westminster Academy brought a delegation of 11 students.

These 11 represented seated members of Congress from across the country. We also had two students argue cases on the Supreme Court regarding voter rights, police profiling, and corporate rights of privacy. Two students sat on the National Security Council and dealt with Russian aggression and interrogation techniques at Guantanamo Bay. Some of the issues our Congressional delegates debated were refugees and national security, patent reform, guns on college campuses, and agricultural imports from Cuba.

Harvard Model Congress (HMC) is a great opportunity for our students to learn how government works. It also exposes students to the issues Congress is currently debating and teaches them how to listen to and consider differing points of view. To attend HMC, students must participate in the American and International Political Systems course as either a junior or senior. This course touches on political theory, and process, with a large focus on current events. We are very proud of our delegation this year and are looking forward to participating again in the future.

Eighth-Grade Washington, D.C. Trip

February 8, 2017 Posted in: School News Tags: ,

DCOur eighth-grade students left for their Washington, D.C. Trip early Wednesday morning. Would you please join us in praying for safe travels, spiritual and personal growth, and fun memories between friends.

The three days will include tours of Mount Vernon, Smithsonian museums, the Holocaust Memorial Museum, Arlington Cemetery, presidential memorials (FDR, Jefferson, and Lincoln), war memorials (World War II, Vietnam, Korean), the Capitol, the National Archives, the Library of Congress and much more.

Robotics Team Promotes STEM To Senator Rubio’s Office

January 25, 2017 Posted in: Academics Tags: , , , ,

DSC00281On Monday, January 23, members of WA’s robotics team (FIRST Robotics Competition Team 744 – Shark Attack) met with Senator Marco Rubio’s Regional Director and staff to discuss the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education and FIRST Robotics. They encouraged Senator Rubio to support the Christa McAuliffe Commemorative Coin Act which would benefit FIRST Robotics financially. They also discussed the importance of STEM and the effectiveness of the FIRST Robotics program in introducing and training students in STEM. Eighty-three percent of all students involved in the FIRST Robotics program are interested in becoming a scientist or engineer and many discover their passion for applied science as a direct result of their involvement in FIRST Robotics.

Our team made several proposals to Senator Rubio’s staff for funding of FIRST Robotics, funding for STEM, and educational support for teachers in STEM. The final legislative initiative discussed was our plan to create collaboration among college students pursuing science education and engineering majors, robotics mentors, and students and teachers on high school FIRST Robotics teams. We are lobbying to make internships with FIRST Robotics teams a requirement for all students pursuing a science education degree and that all engineering students would be offered credit for internships with FIRST Robotics teams. It is our hope that some engineers will decide to teach and that some teachers will become more fluent in the applied sciences. FRC Team 744 believes that STEM education must be a priority as we re-industrialize the United States of America.

Our presentation team thanked Senator Marco Rubio and his staff for their support of Christian values and for their gracious attention to our STEM proposals. 

Thanks to WA robotics students Rachel Karsner and Sebastian Molina and to mentors Cathy Stolley, Lauren Cooley, and Kent Stolley for their work on this project.

Middle School Orchestra Holocaust Memorial Trip

January 24, 2017 Posted in: Arts Tags: , ,

IMG_2838_The middle school orchestra class plays a piece called Schindler’s List—music from the movie. The movie tells the story of Oskar Schindler who created a work program for Jews at, Plaszow, one of the many notorious concentration camps in Poland.

Mr. Schwartz takes his seventh and eighth-grade orchestra classes to the Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach to provide some context for the piece. The eighth-grade students study the Holocaust in the second quarter and visit the Holocaust Memorial on their Washington, D.C. trip, integrating it with what they are already receiving from their history lessons in middle school.

4th Grade Visits Stranahan House

April 28, 2016 Posted in: School News Tags: , ,

IMG_3359 (1)On Tuesday, April 26th, 2016, fourth-grade students had the opportunity to visit the Stranahan House Museum in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Students were given a tour of this oldest house in Fort Lauderdale and learned about the contributions that Frank and Ivy Stranahan made during the early years of our city. Students rang the bell that was used when ferries needed to cross the New River and examined the many items in the house that were used when it served as both a trading post and home to the Stranahans. We thank our Lord for providing this excellent time of learning.

2016 State Latin Forum Results

April 12, 2016 Posted in: Academics Tags: , , ,

IMG_4264From Wednesday, April 6, to Saturday, April 9, 41 of our Middle and High School students competed against over 65 schools from all over Florida. We had two brain brawl teams, called Certamen, that competed for the first time in WA history, the Latin II team placed 9th and the Advanced team placed 14th.

WA Overall Awards

  • High School Programs—21st in the State
  • Middle School Program—6th in the States
  • Ludi (6th place)
  • Certamen Level II (9th place)
    • Christine Kamm
    • Ariana Loucks
    • Olivia Gaus
    • Haley Hendrikse
  • Club Video (1st place)
  • Creative-Junior Division (3rd place)
  • Non-graphic Art (9th place)
  • Pipio Contest (8th place)

Senior Division

  • Melinda Babaian: Geography Adv (17th)
  • Jamie Boros: Derivatives Adv (17th)
  • Hannah Brown: Derivatives 2 (9th); Maps (2nd)
  • Brandon Climenhage: Heptathlon Adv. (10th); Ludi–Venus and Adonis (1st), Four Square (8th); Vocabulary Adv. (19th)
  • Ava Gaus: Grammar Adv. (8th); Certamen Adv. (14th)
  • Olivia Gaus: Grammar 2 (15th); Certamen 2 (9th)
  • Britta Gunnlaugsson: Vocabulary Adv. (16th); Grammar Adv. (18th); Certamen Adv. (14th)
  • Haley Hendrikse: Charts and Posters (10th); Vocabulary 2 (18th); Certamen 2 (9th)
  • Chris Horton: Vocabulary Adv. (12th); Geography Adv. (17)Shuttle Run (6th), Marathon (participant)
  • Christine Kamm: Hellenic History (2nd); Grammar 2 (4th); Greek Language (10th); Certamen 2 (9th)
  • Becky Kurth: Impromptu Art (4th); Charts and Posters (6th); Classical Art Adv. (16th)
  • Ariana Loucks: Latin Literature 2 (8th); Mythology 2 (14th); Certamen 2 (9th)
  • Megan Matthews: Models (10th); History of Empire (15th)
  • Jessica McKenzie: Heptathlon 2 (7th); Derivatives 2 (14th)
  • John Mills: Mystery Test (4th); A/V (2nd); Derivatives Adv (18th); Certamen Adv. (14th)
  • Franke Mistretta: Geography 2 (11th); History of the Empire (16th)
  • Christian Perun: Pentathlon (14th)
  • Maddie Pilch: Four Square (5th); Heptathlon Adv. (14th)
  • Abby Quirk: Venus and Adonis (1st), Shuttle Run (4th); Drawings (5th); Grammar Adv. (18th)
  • Gabi Shyne: Reading Poetry (5th), Hellenic Adv. (10th); Certamen Adv. (14th)
  • Paige Vincent: Customs 2 (16th)

Junior Division

  • Alyssa Allen: Drawings (9th); Derivatives 1 (12th)
  • Hannah Billings: Open Certamen I (3rd); Customs 1 (13th)
  • Kelly Clark: Maps (2nd); Vocabulary 1/2 (14th)
  • Kyle Collins: Models (7th), Vocabulary 1/2 (14th)
  • Logan Conner: Four Square (1st); Vocabulary 1/2 (13th)
  • Addison Fleck: Mythology 1/2 (5th); Open Certamen I (8th)
  • Jordan Greene: History of the Republic 1/2 (2nd); Open Certamen I (7th), Bellum Aquae (8th)
  • Kylie Grimm: Mythology 1/2 (3rd); Paintings (5th)
  • Jhailynn Jacques: Latin Vocab 1/2 (9th); Paintings (4th)
  • Jennea Katic: Models (10th); Talent Show (participant); Customs 1 (16th)
  • Hristos Kommatas: Vocabulary 1 (19th)
  • Hunter Kreizinger: Pentathlon 1/2 (7th); Vocabulary 1/2 (15th)
  • MJ Miller: Shuttle Run (8th); Charts and Posters (3rd); Vocabulary 1/2 (13th)
  • Patrick Mills: Latin Derivatives I (6th), Greek Derivatives I (9th)
  • Jessica Nedry: Open Certamen I (2nd); Drawings (1st), Vocabulary 1 (12th)
  • Abbey Rowe: Open Certamen I (1st); Charts and Posters (6th), Mythology 1 (12th)
  • Brian Washburn: Pentathlon 1/2 (5th); Charts and Posters (4th)
  • Sarah Williams: Shuttle Run (6th), Vocabulary 1/2 (17th)

Congratulations Latin students, we are very proud of you!!!