The Westminster Academy Upper School Drama Program provides an exciting array of experiences and training in multiple facets of the dramatic arts, including acting, improvisation, writing, and directing.  The upper school drama curriculum begins with middle school drama and continues in high school with Drama I, Drama II, and Drama III. Students perform in venues ranging from in‐class productions and chapels to the annual school production. Students discover how dramatic storytelling reflects the beauty of God’s ultimate story, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Students are given many opportunities to cultivate their dramatic talents for God’s glory.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival Goal—$20,0000%

WA’s Drama Program has accepted the invitation to perform at the world’s largest performing international arts festival, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland. The American High School Theatre Festival selected WA’s program, out of hundreds who applied, to take our talented students to perform on an international stage. Please consider a gift to help make this trip affordable for our students to attend.

Westminster Academy’s International Thespian Society (ITS) Troupe 1870 is an honor society that recognizes, encourages, and rewards students for work in all aspects of theatre. ITS is a division of the Educational Theatre Association and has over 2.3 million student members. ITS students are honored at a national level and can compete in local, state, and national competitions.