Enrichment Programs

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Westminster Academy provides students with a flourishing enrichment program that introduces students to extracurricular activities that support our students’ social, emotional, spiritual, physical, and academic growth.

Registration for enrichment will be available during the school year. Samples of some of our offerings through the year are listed below.


Children will be able to explore their artistic side and visually express themselves using a variety of mediums and techniques, including painting, drawing, and sculpture. The age-appropriate lessons integrate biblical, math, science, and art history concepts. Furthermore, students will learn to think creatively and increase their problem-solving skills.


Join us for a weekly basketball clinic where we will focus on fundamental skill development through basketball games and instruction for both boys and girls!

Board Games

Want to have fun and get smarter? Then put your game faces on! You will have a blast battling your friends with games like Scrabble, Boggle, and more! Join the club that helps you stay on top of your brain game!

Book Club

Get the Golden Ticket and join Mrs. Hall after school to read, discuss, and make a few recipes to go along with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The students will be able to enjoy reading for the love of reading! No tests! After a busy day at school, we will get together to relax and read a great classic to get the imagination going!


In our cheer program, students are trained in cheer techniques, motions, jumps, and pom routines. School cheers with stunts will be learned so they may be performed. The class will include tumbling for cheerleading. It is a fun class that will help improve coordination and memory. The girls cheer at a WA Varsity football or basketball game each quarter.

Design Squad Jr.

This program allows students to use their creativity to make, design, and tinker to their hearts’ content. Many of the tools used in Technology class (including Dash & Dot, Little Bits, Keva planks, STEAM activities, our newest LEGO education products, and 3D Printing) will be used, but this squad will take things even further in a small-group setting. Design Squad is a program that every child will want to join!


Students will work with an experienced teacher who will assist them in completing their homework. After completing homework, math and reading are supported with fun games and activities! Learning is FUN in “Games4Learning”!

Run Club

Teaches girls in grades 3–5 to be joyful, healthy, and confident through self-love lessons while integrating running! Girls will be carefully training for an end-of-year 5k while learning to love themselves and others for God’s glory!


STEM empowers students to be independent problem-solvers. Students will work cooperatively with their peers on science, technology, engineering, and math activities, requiring them to be constructive, creative, and think strategically. So if participating in awesome science experiments like instant snow, creating a ball with cups, making a light wand, and creating ketchup divers sounds like fun, STEM is the club for you!

Please email Allyson Applegate, After School Activities Coordinator, with any questions.