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STEM Day At The Capitol

February 15, 2018 Posted in: Academics Tags:
C9E24BF1-0947-4DD6-B380-BD1600EA76CCOn February 12 & 13, members of the WA high school robotics team, FRC Team 744, Shark Attack, traveled to Tallahassee to participate in STEM Day at the Capitol. The team was fortunate to participate and demonstrate their 2017 robot in the Capitol Rotunda and in the Capitol Courtyard. The crew and robot played presented to students and congressmen, and more importantly, the crew was able to meet with seven state senators and four state representatives. For most of the day, they worked closely with Sandra Contreras, Regional Director of FIRST South Florida, to spread the message of STEM and FIRST Robotics and to lobby for increased funding for FIRST Robotics teams in Florida.
Student members Isaac Hobby, Jennae Katic, Keri-Anne Lue, Patrick Mills, and Sebastian Molina, were accompanied by alumna/mentor Lauren Cooley, and mentors Cathy and Kent Stolley. They had the privilege to meet with the following Florida State Senators and Representatives and their staffs: Rep. Larry Ahern, Rep. Bruce Antone, Rep. George R. Moraitis, Jr., Rep. Carlos Trujillo, Sen. Rob Bradley, Sen. Gary M. Farmer, Jr., Sen. Bill Galvano, Sen. Dorothy L. Hukill, Sen. Tom Lee, Sen. Keith Perry, and Sen. Linda Stewart.
“We had invaluable assistance to our team in support of this trip,” team mentor, Kent Stolley shared. “Kassie Satterly, Legislative Aide to Representative George Moraitis and daughter of our headmaster, assisted in arranging most of our meetings. Jennifer Gottlieb, District Director for Senator Gary Farmer assisted in communicating our message and arranged a meeting with him. Lee Ann Atkinson of United Technologies Corporation assisted in securing a vehicle to accommodate our crew and our equipment.”
A special thank you goes to Motorola Solutions for their great support of this event and for their support of the WA Robotics Team. Together, they surely contributed to the advancement of STEM in Florida this week.

Robotics Students Working With LIGHT

February 1, 2018 Posted in: School News Tags: , , ,

IMG_2812Every day after school, a school bus arrives at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church to deliver children to the LIGHT Program hosted there. The LIGHT after-school program seeks to bring Gospel-centered after-school care to under-served children in Broward County. Through daily academic support, scriptural engagement, elective activities, and free play, children at LIGHT have the opportunity to engage in Learning, Innovation, Gospel, Hope, and Technology.

Regularly, WA robotics students have been crossing the street to visit the LIGHT Program and support this mission. The team hosts STEM workshops with the children, has demonstrated their robot to them, and gave them an hour of code lessons on iPads. Just last week, WA students showed the LIGHT children how to build circuits with a circuit board set.

We celebrate our students who are using their God-given talents to inspire others and glorify Him.

Lower School Robotic Team Competes In The LEGO League Tournament

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sharkbyteOn Saturday, January 27, WA’s FIRST® LEGO® League team, SHARK BYTE, participated in the Ram-Botic tournament held at Ramblewood Elementary school in Coral Springs. The theme project this year was on HydroDynamics.

The six team members: Hannah Middleton, Noah Justice, Andrés Delgado, KiAndra Griffith, Skylar Joseph, and Ryan Rivers showcased programming skills, earning points in several matches. The team’s perseverance and excellent problem-solving skills were highlighted in the Core Values teamwork challenge, even earning “Popsicle Stick” team spirit points throughout the day from the judges. In the final project,  SHARK BYTE shared their ideas for improving the cleanliness of school drinking fountains.

“The judges were impressed by our creative yet simple and realistic solution for improving the cleanliness of school drinking fountains,” explained the team coaches, Annie Shyne and Michelle Moore. “We were extremely impressed by our team this year!  Our team members all learned how to code the MINDSTORMS® EV3 robots, and are well on their way to being able to use sensors to guide the robot.  This is a huge accomplishment for our team.  They were also able to write programs for five different missions, and were one of the only teams in attendance that had a successful mission on the backside of the field!”

In the near future, a FREE after-school robotics workshop will be available for 3rd, 4th or 5th-grade students. The theme for next year’s competition is related to space. SHARK BYTE welcomes anyone who enjoys playing with LEGO® building blocks, problem-solving and team building games, science or robotics to the 2018–19 team.


Robotics Team Places Third In Parody Competition

January 23, 2018 Posted in: School News Tags: ,

sharkattacklogoCongratulations to the high school robotics team, Shark Attack FRC Team 744, for placing third in this year’s FIRST Parody Competition. While it didn’t require the typical skills they’re used to showcasing, the team rose to the top using their creativity and musical skills. Shark Attack used Moana as their inspiration and created a music video “How Far We’ll Go” to launch their robotics season. Out of the 36,611 votes cast, WA was able to secure the third most votes in this competition that included teams internationally. Click here to view their video and see “how far they’ll go” in this year’s robotics competition.

FTC Team 11204—Shark A-Tech

January 17, 2018 Posted in: Academics Tags: , ,

IMG_2276WA middle school robotics team, Team 11204 Shark A-Tech, participated in the FIRST FTC South Florida League Championship on Saturday, January 13, to finish out their season.

Shark A-Tech started the day off with several good matches, and their robot performed well. Unfortunately, the team was matched to alliances that had problems with their robots, eliminating hopes of a top-ranked finish.

“It has been a challenging year with many things learned,” lead mentor Sonja Timmer said. “Many thanks to the parents who have supported the team throughout the season by purchasing field items, volunteering at events, providing food for the hungry students, and creating wonderful give-aways for competitions,” she added.

The team is grateful for the opportunity that sponsorship by the school, Motorola Solutions, Apex Engineering, Rockwell Collins, and Florida Power and Light have provided. Special thanks to all of the mentors for their investment in the students over the last few months.

We are looking forward to next season!

New Records For WA Robotics

January 9, 2018 Posted in: School News Tags: ,

IMG_1228The Robotics season kicked-off Saturday, January 6, with a great beginning to build on at WA! New records were set: more than 90 people participated (59 students and 45 team members), and the team received $11,000 in support. Other highlights were the 11 WA alumni who returned and the 16 mentors who assisted in Saturday’s meeting.

WA Robotics Shark Attack Team 744 created a parody video “How Far We’ll Go” and is a finalist in the FIRST Robotics Parody Competition. These smart students are showcasing their musical talents to win this battle, and your vote for their video can send them to the top. Click here to vote today and every day until January 19.

WA Middle School Robotics Team 11204 Competes In Second Tournament

December 14, 2017 Posted in: School News Tags: , ,

IMG_2146What an exciting and challenging day Team 11204 Shark A-Tech had at Poinciana STEM School for their second robotics tournament! We had several matches where we performed well, and a few that pushed the team beyond their limits, but the team handled the challenges with humor and perseverance. During our last match when our alliance member flipped themselves onto their side during the autonomous period, and our drive team made up of Robert Loucks, Jordan Yu, and Layton McCartney, went to their aid and righted their robot! What an amazing display of not only gracious professionalism but Christlike character. Click here to view a video of the competition. Well done middles school robotics!