A Word From Dr. Satterly—January 18, 2024

A Word From Dr. Satterly—January 18, 2024

​​Dear WA Community,

Breaking bread and praying together are two of the marks of community. Another is sharing a common purpose. Each month, early in the morning, members of our faculty and staff team and a smattering of their children gather in the Dr. Kenneth P. Wackes Media Center to strengthen those community markers. On my calendar, these times are called “Faculty and Staff Devotions,” and for a few minutes, the room is filled with laughter and conversation as folks grab a scone or a cup of fruit to go with their coffee.

These mornings are a time for us to reconnect and refresh. Once we’ve reached a critical mass and most have secured their breakfast, we spend the remaining time turning to the Scriptures and refocusing on our spiritual theme. Typically, we look to a single phrase or part of the passage and plumb the depths of God’s Word.

As we begin this second semester, it is appropriate to review our theme for the year—Flourish. That theme is based on Ephesians 3:17–19 and builds upon the previous years. In my first eNews of the school year, we considered the definition of flourish. In short, it means to function according to design. During Convocation back in August, we explored God’s perfect design for us in terms of the first question from the Westminster Shorter Catechism:

Question: What is the chief end of man?
Answer: To know God and enjoy him forever.

Ultimately, this is what it means to flourish. Put another way, part of being human is the desire to flourish. It fuels our quest for the way things are supposed to be, and the good news is that not only has God provided a way for that to happen, but He has appointed us to help with the journey. This is the essence of Westminster Academy’s mission, the calling of our team, and the sum of the partnership we experience with families.

Most recently, our devotion focused on this part of verse 18, “…to comprehend with all the saints….” We do not do this alone. Others have gone before, and more will follow. God uses people to accomplish His purposes. For such a time as this, we have been called to this place—let’s flourish together.


Dr. Joel Satterly