A Word From Mr. Satterly—August 26, 2021

A Word From Mr. Satterly—August 26, 2021

Dear WA Community,

If you attended Convocation, you likely heard me say, “… this is not your average school year. It is true that we certainly face specific challenges with the current conditions and the myriad of issues consistent with any school year. Still, this year is anything but typical – it is our golden birthday. We look forward to celebrating together!” The first week began with a bang and ended with a family celebration at our football tailgate – it was a great night to be on the west campus.

If you missed it, our theme for the year is Rooted and is based on Jeremiah 17:7–8. The key to the verse lies with the tree’s roots and the stream. Jesus is the stream. He is the living water. When our roots are anchored in the living water, we keep green leaves and bear fruit regardless of the environment.

Fifty years ago, Westminster Academy was planted by the water, and its roots run down deep to the stream. Our school has faced heat and drought and has also been cultivated and pruned, and because of God’s faithfulness, it has not failed to bear fruit. Also, at convocation, I shared an excerpt from a letter from 1971 announcing the start of our school. It reads, “Our committee (the one tasked with starting the school) believes that … the Word of God is the foundation for true wisdom; We expect Westminster Academy to be distinguished by loyalty to Christ, the highest academic standards, and the same spiritual commitment and Christian love found in our church. The school board has pledged its utmost efforts to the creation, with God’s help, of a Christian school where these qualities will prevail.”

Last Friday, I had the honor of representing our school at the memorial service for Jim Carlson. It was in his dining room that our school was birthed. He was one of those referenced in the letter, and he played a key role in not only the development of Westminster Academy but also the various ministries of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. In preparing for his service, I came across several documents from the early days of our school, 1971 and 1972. I was amazed at the faith and vision contained and the conviction of Jim and other early leaders. Our school was founded by dedicated and faithful people. As we begin our 50th year, I pray we will be found just as faithful by those generations who come after. Let’s make this the best year yet!

To God be the Glory!

Joel Satterly