A Word From Mr. Satterly—May 6, 2021

A Word From Mr. Satterly—May 6, 2021

Dear WA Community,

As a Kentuckian, the first week in May holds a special place in my heart as the first Saturday contains the most exciting two minutes in sports, sometimes called the “run for the roses.” By this point, you likely know that I am talking about the Kentucky Derby. While the derby represents much of my home culture, I am keen on the early part of May for another reason—teacher appreciation week.

My children benefited from a bevy of dedicated Christian teachers over the years. They are better people because of those influences. As a parent, I want to say thank you to those men and women who have helped shape Maggie, Kassie, and Timothy. Perhaps the theme of this week serves as an impetus for you to express such sentiments as well. Maybe it is a good time to reflect on the teacher or two who profoundly impacted your life. All of us have benefited from the faithful stewardship of teachers.

Setting aside my parent hat and sliding into my professional role, let me say a particular word of thanks and appreciation for the faculty and staff at Westminster Academy. Much of our school’s strong reputation has been carved out by their dedication. Earlier in the week, I was able to be with our retired teachers’ group. We owe them a word of thanks and a debt of gratitude as well. Most people only see our school from the outside. I have the privilege of seeing our team at work every day. They fight for our students, pray for them, and bring out their very best. It would be appropriate to express our appreciation at any time during the year, but even more the case during this dedicated week.

Westminster Academy has a long history of exemplary faculty members. Occasionally, at the end of each school year, we say “well done, thy good and faithful servant” to teammates who conclude their active teaching career. It is appropriate that we honor those who have run the race well as they hand the baton to the next generation. This year, three faculty members are retiring from our team. Collectively they represent 87 years of teaching experience. They have witnessed the good hand of God at WA during good times and bad. Each of them has pushed us forward in their unique way. Thank you is hardly enough, but it is a good place for a grateful community to start.

Mr. Jeff Carroll – Mr. WA Band! Mr. Carroll has led our band program for 41 years, building it into a well-known expression of our commitment to the arts and excellence in all things. Recently the board renamed our band room in his honor. Click here to view a tribute video that was shared at Mr. Carroll’s final band concert.

Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor (20 years) – Kindergarten at Westminster Academy bears much of her image. Think of the number of students and families who have been blessed by Elizabeth’s tender heart and love for her students. I am hard-pressed to think of someone who loves and supports our school more – she is a cheerleader and champion. We are thankful.

Mrs. Laura Vito (26 years) – She is such a faithful servant, working to help struggling students, coming alongside advanced students to spur them on, and supporting teachers in their work. Laura is every principal’s dream—she comes early and stays late, works to keep current with the latest research, and carries out her mission without fanfare or complaint. Her gracious professionalism will be missed.

To God be the Glory!

Joel Satterly