A Word From Mr. Satterly—January 14, 2021

A Word From Mr. Satterly—January 14, 2021

Dear WA Community,

January in Fort Lauderdale means busy streets. They are filled with snowbirds and New Year’s resolution-driven joggers. By spring most of them have left; in the meantime, we must contend with both. New Year’s resolutions may often be futile. However, goals, convictions, and mission are essential and have served Westminster Academy well.

For nearly five decades, our community has included people devoted to Christ and dedicated to excellence. Their relentless mission pursuit defines our culture—it is the Westminster Academy way. Often goals are more near term and span only a year or two and are linked to a specific outcome, while mission requires a multi-generational commitment. These are both well beyond the scope of our New Year’s inspired pledges.

Each year our leadership team sets goals. These goals fall within our mission and seek school improvement. One such example was to “become a CESA Member of Council.” While COVID interrupted those efforts, we were able to accomplish that aim in November and just finished celebrating together. CESA helps make us better. It raises the bar, expands our horizons, and pushes us forward. This particular goal took several years to accomplish.

Mission, on the other hand, is long-term. It is defined by core values and it drives the purpose of an institution. A key component of Westminster Academy’s mission is biblical worldview. We all have a worldview—the lens through which we make sense of things around us. While it is important to understand that we all have one, what really matters is the foundation of that view and the extent to which it is intentionally cultivated and developed. After watching the events of the last year unfold, it is hard to imagine a more significant issue than worldview. Our worldviews are being shaped daily, sometimes passively, and in other instances more intentionally. School is the place where a large part of our worldview is formed. In fact, the school does so on purpose. It is largely why we exist.

Once upon a time, the word “resolve”, carried weight. It was a word with heft. By using it to describe our temporary, good intentions, we have perhaps lost sight of a much more important idea—setting goals and following convictions with an eternal purpose. This is the aim of Westminster Academy.

To God be the Glory!

Joel Satterly