Westminster Academy Joins The Ranks Of CESA Schools

Westminster Academy Joins The Ranks Of CESA Schools

We are proud to announce that Westminster Academy is now a full member of council with the Council on Educational Standards and Accountability (CESA). We cannot emphasize enough how this acceptance is truly a mark of distinction among Christian schools, with just over 40 schools in the nation and only three schools—including WA—in Florida. CESA was founded on the idea that academic rigor and programmatic excellence in all areas are inherent to discipleship, not contradictory. CESA not only affirms what we have done, but it represents a commitment to what we will do—pursue excellence for God’s glory.

Membership in CESA requires meeting rigorous standards in five standard certification categories:

  1. Mission Clarity
  2. Effective Governance
  3. Institutional Viability
  4. Academic and Programmatic Distinction
  5. Sense of Coherent Christian Community

Westminster Academy has been regionally accredited since 1977 and is currently accredited by Christian Schools of Florida (CSF), Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, and The National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA). While accreditation is essential, joining the ranks of CESA schools is a prestigious distinction well above the requirements of accreditation. Membership affords the opportunity to collaborate with some of the best schools in the nation, raising the standard of excellence.

We look forward to celebrating this great achievement with our faculty, staff, and students in January!