Join The LPA—Pick A Team!

The Lions Parent Association (LPA) invites all WA parents to join them! The LPA actively supports the mission of the school by providing opportunities to connect and cultivate relationships, as well as promoting volunteerism and school spirit. COVID has changed some of their plans, so now, more than ever, they need new ideas on how to keep our WA community connected. Organized into six teams, the LPA provides flexibility and offers a wide range of opportunities, which vary with regard to interest, skill, and time. We are grateful for the LPA leadership including Co-Chairs—Christy LaCaria and Danielle Oropesa, Treasurer—Barbara Moody, Secretary—Susan Korthals, and each of our team leaders.

  • Events Team, led by Laura Harms. This team organizes events to cultivate relationships and coordinates volunteers for school-wide events.
  • Faculty & Staff Appreciation Team, led by Emily Elisco and Nicole Chong. This team coordinates appreciation gifts and lunches and encourages faculty and staff throughout the school year.
  • Hospitality Team, led by Sylvia Delgado. This team seeks to create an inviting environment at various school events. Opportunities include greeting, decorating, and serving refreshments.
  • Mane Event Team, led by Nelson Ruiz and Mark Scott. This team organizes events and builds community among WA fathers while supporting the efforts of the LPA.
  • Prayer & Care Team, led by Nicole Joseph. This team focuses on praying for our faculty, staff, and school families and providing encouragement and support to those experiencing hardship. The team has prayer requests boxes in both faculty lounges, sends notes of encouragement, provides meals, and most importantly prays for submitted requests.
  • Support Team, led by Jennifer Costigan, Damaris Cruz, and Lori Murphy. This team manages the Christmas Boutique and Uniform Bank, which fund all the activities of the LPA. For example, their efforts support faculty and staff appreciation events, hospitality at school functions, meals for families experiencing hardship, and more.

As a WA parent, you are already a member of the Lions Parent Association. So, we challenge every family to get involved in some capacity! Email to express your interest to get involved and join the team of your choice.