A Word From Mr. Satterly—September 10

A Word From Mr. Satterly—September 10

Westminster Academy is a Christ-centered, biblically-based college preparatory school dedicated to equipping covenant students to excel by using their gifts and talents for God’s glory.

If you’ve attended an open house or a new parent event in the last couple of years, you have heard me ask, “Which word in our mission statement is the most important?” Actually, all of them are important, but the one I point to is—school. It is the primary identifier of our organization that establishes the kinds of things we do and also establishes others that we will not. Just as important are all of the other adjectives which describe and specify the kind of school. These include “Christ-centered, biblically-based, college-preparatory…” and serve to distinguish Westminster Academy in the marketplace and provide direction to our priorities.

In other words, Westminster Academy is about shaping and cultivating a biblical worldview in our students. Simply put, we are about teaching them how to think biblically about the world in which they live. This is no small task, especially these days. But the ability to apply biblical values and principles in this world is key and represents the basic objective of our school. While Westminster Academy is particularly positioned to address these things, we do them in conjunction and partnership with the home and the church. Please do not miss this, as this perspective is integral to our mission and our understanding of calling. It is, in fact, a fundamental element of a biblical worldview.

Worldview is the lens in which we make sense of everything around us. It is constantly being impacted by the culture around us, and as a result, we have to tend it, much like weeding a garden. If not, our worldview gets shaped for us. As you engage in conversations with your children and friends about issues of the day, please allow me the opportunity to suggest two basic worldview questions for your consideration:

  • Who is God?
  • What is the nature of man?

The answers to these two questions frame the answers to everything else. I hope you have been enjoying the “Renewing Your Mind” virtual speaker series presented by Coral Ridge. A recent message, “Why Worldview Matters” by Dr. Phil Ryken, addresses the topic of Thinking with Christ’s Mind in Today’s World. I’d encourage you to listen to it as we partner with you to raise up the next generation of culture-shaping Christians!

To God be the Glory!

Joel Satterly