Middle School Students Receive Year-End Awards

Middle School Students Receive Year-End Awards

While the year draws to an end, the Middle School gathered today online to celebrate many accomplishments. Faculty recognized students for athletics, academics, fine arts, and technical achievements. Even though all awards are worthy of praise, we would like to honor the students chosen for the Lion Award. For this particular award, the faculty vote for one female and one male student in each grade to receive one. They select students who exemplify ideals of character, academic pursuit, and overall excellence. This year’s recipients are Olivia Oropesa and Andrew Lencse for the sixth grade; Miranda Arias and Brady Oropesa for the seventh grade; and Kyleigh Hope and Lucas Greenwood for the eighth grade.

In addition, the faculty celebrated eighth-grade students who embody certain leadership and character traits. Congratulations to the following:

The Leadership Award

  • Chris Moody

The Spiritual Leadership Award

  • Moyin-Oluwa Fadare

Fruit of the Spirit Awards:

  • Love — Hannah Guinto
  • JoyElena Vanden Berge
  • Peace —  Olivia Holland
  • PatienceKatharine Calvet
  • KindnessAshlynn Walden
  • GentlenessMia Harms
  • Faithfulness Harrison Kraft
  • Goodness Anthony Barbar
  • Self-Control Cole Houston
  • Overall Fruit of the Spirit — Samy Joseph

The Barnabas Award:

  •  Katharine Calvet and Anthony Barbar

It wouldn’t be an eighth-grade celebration without a video highlighting our students. Please pray for this upcoming high school freshman class as they move on to the next chapter of their lives. Congratulations to the class of 2024!