Athletics Honors Academics And Character

On Tuesday, May 19, the Athletic Department recognized the academic accomplishments of our student-athletes. They also gave tribute awards to a few student-athletes who embody key character traits. Congratulations to everyone! Go Lions!

Highest Team Grade-Point Average

  • Ladies’ team: Ladies’ Varsity Swimming and Diving team
  • Men’s team: Men’s Varsity Cross-County team

Top Scholar-Athletes recognize the varsity athletes whose commitment to academic excellence is displayed through the highest GPA in their class.


  • Annabelle Audet (Cheer)
  • Ellie Farrar (Ladies’ Soccer)
  • Layton McCartney (Men’s Swimming)
  • Mark Pekic (Men’s Swimming)


  • Carson Elmer (Golf)
  • Emily Graham (Ladies’ Water Polo)
  • Sarah Larkin Lewis (Ladies’ Track and Field, Volleyball)
  • Ben Middlebrooks (Basketball, Golf)


  • Abigail Farrar (Ladies’ Diving)
  • Billy Garcia (Men’s Cross Country)
  • Jade McCurvin (Cheer, Ladies’ Track & Field)
  • Alejandro Molina (Men’s Cross Country)


  • Clara Harms (Ladies’ Swimming)
  • Meghan McCormick (Ladies’ Soccer, Ladies’ Tennis)
  • Dimitri Selimos (Football, Men’s Soccer)
  • Trent Shaw (Men’s Swimming, Men’s Water Polo)

The following tribute and character awards were given:

Ken Key Award

  • Steven Tinsley

Jim Brown Servant Award

  • Destiny Mergilles
  • David Zhu

Harvey Martin Spiritual Award

  • Olivia Carvalho
  • Dylan Wood

Jack Mowday Leadership Award

  • Emma Hoffman
  • Stephan D. Swenson
  • Donovan Lassiter

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