WA Field Day And Olympics For Lower School

On Tuesday, March 10, lower school students enjoyed a beautiful day on the field while participating in this year’s WA Field Day. Packed full of fun and games, the day included various sports-related activities and competitions.

In the morning, Kindergarten through Second Grade took part in sports to promote physical activity rather than solely competition. However, in the afternoon, Third through Fifth Grader showed their athletic abilities through track and field events and swimming in WA’s first “Field Day Olympics.” Because the Summer Olympics occur this year, the students could learn about the event by simulating our own Olympics at WA. Students in the three grade levels were divided into teams and assigned a country. They competed for gold in the following events: shot put, 50-yard dash, sprint relay, and swim relay.

The afternoon was a huge success! Countries worked together and encouraged one another to do their best in each event. After some very close competition, Germany won the gold, Mexico brought home the silver, and Australia earned the bronze medal.

Thank you to Coach Adams, Coach Gonzalez, and all of the parent volunteers who made the event possible!