Lower School Science Fair

Lower School Science Fair

The fourth and fifth-grade classes have been working hard on this year’s Science Fair. Each elementary class conducted a Science Fair experiment. Fourth grade did eight group projects in class, and fifth-grade students did individual experiments as they displayed their knowledge of the Scientific Method. The fifth-grade students presented their project before two judges on Monday, February 24. The judges were very impressed by all of the hard work, scientific thought, and creative display boards, making their job of deciding the top three very difficult. The boards are currently on display in the Lower School hallway.

A special thank you to all of our judges: Mr. Alise, Dr. Bruce, Mrs. Hatch, Mrs. Hewlett, Mrs. Pierce, and Mrs. Walker, as well as National Honor Society members from upper school.

Fourth-Grade Winners

  • First Place: “Color Matters” by Kate Hajduk, Emma Savalli, Aly Cardenas, and Halle Harden
  • Second Place: “No Tooth Decay For You” by Greta Harms, Ryleigh Scharer, Saniah Simmonds, and Elliott Leudeman
  • Third Place: “Germinators” by Holly Coleman, Angelina Maceda, Jessica Morrison, and Penelope Scassera

Fifth-Grade Winners

  • First Place: “Healthy Heart” by Olivia Faber
  • Second Place: “AC/DC” by Nicholas Sirois
  • Third Place: “This Little Light Of Mine” by Blake Alise and “Refresh Your Memory” by Lawrence Parker

Honorable Mentions went to Noelle Richardson, Casey Walker, Rebekah Cochrane, Marley Scott, Nola Fontaine, Will Costigan, and Jacob Pybus for their outstanding work.

Afterward, each fifth-grade student wrote a paragraph and drew a picture for our bulletin board reflecting on their “God Connection,” they made as they were doing their project. Thanks to all for a job well done!