A Word From Mr. Satterly—September 12, 2019

Dear WA Community,

Wow! What a night. If you missed “Teacher’s Got Talent,” you should make sure you have a seat for next year’s. I’ve already heard many pledges to be on stage next year, and there’s talk about how to make the event even better. So, another show is already in the making. In the meantime, everyone can enjoy this highlight reel.

It is very difficult to pick a favorite. The Lions Parent Association who held down our judges’ panel had a very difficult job. Mr. Jarrett Van Tine showed a new gift set. Mr. Walt Jominy and Mrs. Betty Gage rock. Mrs. Lisa Wilson and Mr. Eric Wilson deserve a day of rest after their performance at the piano. Just watching them play was exhausting! Our Emcee for the evening, Mr. Jeff Jacques, was a hoot, and the video of “Happy” at the end was spectacular.

It wasn’t only the efforts on the stage that made the night a success. Many of our faculty and staff worked to support the night helping with set up, clean up, and greeting. Even the turn out exceeded our expectations.

It was good to laugh together and enjoy being together. Thank you to all who joined us. Everyone should “take a bow.”

Grace and Peace,


Joel T. Satterly