WA Drama Trip To Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival

Just as school began, WA Drama returned from a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Edinburgh, Scotland. More than just a summer vacation, this trip allowed our students to experience the rigor of a theater company, participate in workshops, and enjoy sight-seeing too.

Last year, the American High School Theatre Festival (AHSTF) selected Westminster Academy as one of the high schools representing the United States at the Festival Fringe—the world’s largest and most prestigious arts festival! Joining artists from around the world, 17 WA students became the cast and production team of the fabulous, funny children’s show, Good Good Trouble on Bad Bad Island by Josh Mikel. Not only did the students meet Mr. Mikel, but they also performed for him and received his direct feedback! During a two-week span, they entertained young audiences with four performances.

After a quick tech rehearsal, the cast became acquainted with new set pieces. Then, the students prepared for the brisk load-in and load-out required for an official Fringe venue. For each performance, the cast and crew had a two-hour window to produce their show. First, they had 20-minutes to set up their stage, props, sound, and lights. Then, they performed and had 20-minutes to load out. “The students were organized and successful in undertaking all that came with putting on a show at the Fringe,” Mrs. Rachel Cox, Upper School Drama Director, said. The experience also included busking and passing out flyers.

During downtime, students saw many shows the Fringe offered and took improvisation workshops. About her experience, Emily Goldberg ’19 shared, “One of my favorite memories was the Baby Wants Candy workshop. We learned how to create an improvised musical. It was so much fun being able to make up different choruses and verses on the spot!”

The group also toured Edinburgh Dungeon and Hollywood Palace, hiked up Arthur’s seat, attended the famous military band performance, Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo at Edinburgh Castle, and learned traditional Scottish dance at the Celidh. They even had a chance to visit London. There, students toured the National Theatre’s backstage, took a Shakespeare workshop, and saw a show at the Globe Theatre.

This two-week trip was one of the most memorable and educational experiences for both students and chaperones. It was an absolute honor to represent Westminster Academy as an American Christian high school,” Mrs. Cox said. This international experience for our young artists became a reality with the help of these sponsors: HYTECH247, LLC, The Cespedes Family, Moss Foundation, Albanese Group, LLC, The Amaturo Foundation, Inc., The Appleby Family, The Cochran Family, The Kreizinger Family, The Meacham Family, The Moss Family, and The Rocco Family.

Aptly, our students received the “Home Is Where the Heart Is” award for their heartfelt, funny production that showed family and goodness can be found in the most unlikely of places. Please visit our Facebook album for highlights.