A Word From Mr. Satterly—August 8, 2019

Dear WA Community,

Do you ever wonder what happens on campus the week before school starts? For one, all kinds of maintenance activity. Normally rain is a good thing but not when we are replacing the gym roof! For another, faculty begin to drop in and start setting up shop. Then there are meetings. Lots of them. Some are mandated by accreditation or government agencies, and it is fair to say some are more important than others. Undoubtedly, the final week of summer is a mad dash toward the first day of school.

As we race to apply the last coat of paint, settle last-minute scheduling issues, and adjust timelines due to unforeseen circumstances, it can certainly be very hard to see the end. This position can be a problem for an institution that cherishes the notion of “beginning with the end in mind.” Therefore, our most important meeting of the week is the initial gathering of faculty and staff. This year we were greeted by music and a red carpet, courtesy of our newly-appointed Events Specialist, Sandy Hall.

During that meeting, we took time to celebrate what God has done, and then pray for what He will do at Westminster Academy. We dove into our mission and recalled the significance of our calling—we relish the opportunity to engage your family. Last year, our team developed our Portrait of a Graduate. This year, a team produced Characteristics of Excellence (what the painters of the portrait should look like), and Client Care Standards (how we can better serve you). It was an important couple of hours as we refocus to “Begin with the End in Mind.”

A new year brings new people—staff and families, new programs, and new opportunities. We are excited to for this year to begin. While many back-to-school activities are on the calendar, I’d like to point you to Convocation on Wednesday, August 14, at 9:00 a.m. in the Coral Ridge Sanctuary. We will take a look at Joshua 4 and the insightful question, “What do these stones mean?” In addition, the school board will host a welcome coffee reception for our parents in the Kennedy Fellowship Hall. I look forward to seeing you there.


Joel T. Satterly