Special Thanks To The Lions’ Parent Association

Special Thanks To The Lions’ Parent Association

The faculty and staff would like to express our utmost gratitude to the Lions’ Parent Association for all of their hard work this year. The Lions’ Parent Association actively supports the mission of WA by providing opportunities to connect and cultivate friendships, promoting volunteerism and school spirit, and raising awareness of WA in the local community.

We would like to recognize those who have served in a leadership position this year:

  • Chair—Bevan Harms
  • Treasurer—Loren Eaton
  • Secretary—Susan Korthals
  • Ambassadors Team Leader—Sabrina Natt
  • Events Team Leader—Laura Harms
  • Faculty & Staff Appreciation Team Leaders—Ale Ora & Elizabeth Rodrigues
  • Hospitality Team Leader—Sylvia Delgado
  • Prayer & Care Team Leader—Nicole Joseph
  • Support Team Leaders—Martin & Melissa Scasserra

The LPA is already in the planning phases for next year and welcomes your feedback and ideas. Please visit wa.edu/lpa to view detailed roles and responsibilities.