Lower School Continental Math Results

Lower School Continental Math Results

Each second through fifth grade student at Westminster Academy participated this year in Continental Math. This national contest begins by first exposing students in second grade to complex problems, which requires the student to use an array of problem-solving strategies. Then, as students move through the grade levels, analytical reasoning problems become more challenging. While the students in second and third grade participated in three separate meets, the students in fourth and fifth grade participated in five separate meets. Then, the top scores were logged into a national database where our students competed against over 1000 schools nationwide. We were pleased to see the results of our grade levels.

Second Grade:

  • First Place: Caleb Carisma
  • Second Place: Alex Scott
  • Third Place: Evie Branham, Bennett Miller, and Logan Sollars

Third Grade:

  • First Place: Janelle Stervil
  • Second Place: Greta Harms
  • Third Place: Drew Barbar

Fourth Grade:

  • First Place: Nicholas Sirois
  • Second Place: Giovanni Boeri and Nola Fontaine
  • Third Place: Skylar Freas, Marcela Oliveira, and Jacob Rios

Fifth Grade:

  • First Place: Titziana Peixoto
  • Second Place: Olivia Oropesa, Danny Puce, and Ryan Rivers
  • Third Place: Ashton Burton and Addison Dannheim