Eighth Grade Celebration

The class of 2023 celebrated their promotion from eighth grade into high school on Thursday, May 30, in the sanctuary at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. The celebration began with the pledge to the American flag led by Amanda Natt and scripture reading by Layton McCartney. Then, the eighth-grade orchestra performed “Sakura Sakura.” Middle School Counselor, Mrs. Ashley Collins, then presented several prestigious awards along with her colleagues. Please join us in congratulating the recipients of the following awards:

The Pinnacle Award:

  • Kali Cafaro

The Lion Awards:

  •  Spencer Jones and Chloe Wright

The Leadership Award

  • Jacob Payner

The Spiritual Leadership Award

  • Madison Settembrino

Fruit of the Spirit Awards:

  • Love —  Makenzie Blake and Maximos Barogiannis
  • Joy —  Amanda Natt and Micah Lewis
  • Peace —  Samantha Elmer and Logan Stroud
  • Patience —  AnnaClaire Schwartz and Tobias Lewis
  • Kindness —  Ella Clements and Mark Pekic
  • Gentleness —  Annabelle Audet and Avery Nystrum
  • Faithfulness —  Marlo Hibler and Patrick Stepelton
  • Goodness —  Kali Cafaro and Cameron Jones
  • Self-Control —  Layton McCartney and Spencer Jones
  • Overall Fruit of the Spirit — Rosaily Phillips

The Barnabas Awards:

  •  Amanda Natt, Kali Cafaro and Maximos Barogiannis

Afterward, a trio of Annabella Graef, Karys Lau, and Maddie Settembrino sang “Trust in You.” Then, Dr. Tim Sansbury, Vice President of Administration at Knox Seminary and WA parent, shared his reflections as the keynote speaker. Following his address, the students each walked across the stage to receive their certificates and enjoyed a short movie of memories from their eighth grade year.

Please pray for this upcoming high school freshman class as they move on to the next chapter of their lives. Congratulations to the class of 2023!