A Word From Mr. Satterly—May 23, 2019

Dear WA Community,

This past Tuesday evening, we finally had the opportunity to gather in our newly renovated Dr. Kenneth P. Wackes Media Center. Re-dedicating the space, we celebrated the completion of the project with its donors. Above all, we honored the life of our Headmaster Emeritus, Dr. Ken Wackes. Virtually everyone in the room was directly impacted by the life and work of Dr. Wackes—both as a leader and shepherd.

We also heard from his lovely wife, Ruth, who joined us with her children and grandchildren. Technology and advancement were always at the forefront of Dr. Wackes’ vision for WA. She felt it was quite fitting that this space would bear his name, honoring his commitment to growth and learning.

Media centers tend to represent the pursuit of knowledge. They offer accessibility. They contribute to culture. For many years, school design centered around the library. It represents the academic stuff—books and periodicals, reading and research, and above all else…quiet.

Today, these spaces are still the center of the school, but now they capture both the mind and heart. Therefore, we designed this space with our students in mind. After all, that’s who we are training. Our newly designed space is part library and part student center. It moves from public to private, features technology and collaboration spaces, and provides a hub for student life. In many ways, Dr. Wackes envisioned this space when the media center first opened. I’ll let him share with you in his own words in this video.

When WA embarked upon the project, the goal was to offer opportunities to strengthen student learning and connection. However, the result certainly has a more lasting impact. It ensures students are prepared to enter the next stage of their academic journey and provides a pathway for the future. It demonstrates our continued commitment to excellence that was first established by Dr. Wackes, offering a fitting tribute to his legacy.

Thank you to all who contributed to this renovation and prayed for this project along the way.

Grace and peace,

Joel T. Satterly