A Word From Mr. Satterly—May 16, 2019

Dear WA Community,

Someone just asked, “How’s the end of the year going?”

Fine,” I said. A better answer would be chaotic and unpredictable with a good dose of celebration and reflection.

Walking back from the Fifth Grade Step Up Luncheon for parents, I began thinking about the transitions that accompany the end of a school year—seniors become alumni, fifth-grade students become middle school students, juniors move to top dogs, teachers mark down the remaining days, and we say goodbye to some teammates while welcoming others on board.

The May calendar is stuffed with programs, events, and activities. Perhaps this week’s highlight is our first school-produced production by middle and lower school students – Peter Pan, JR. However, this week includes senior awards night, a regional baseball game, the annual spring football game, AP tests, and the departure of the senior trip.

All of these activities serve a purpose. All are part of the 16,000-hour proposition. They help make the Westminster experience rich and full. In just two short weeks, we will host several events that mark the end of the 2018–2019 school year. These culminate at Commencement, which in and of itself is a picture of transition.

Upon consideration, I’d like to change my original answer.

How’s the end of the year going?”

Typically,” I answer. Activity abounds, just like normal.

Always the case, just below the hustle and bustle, hover the ever-present reality of God’s provision and sovereignty. Sometimes we have to stop to hear it and to see it. Yet present it remains. You know what else is typical and in some ways has become so normal we miss it? The extraordinary grace extended to us. Let us count our blessings, count them one by one …

Grace and peace,

Joel T. Satterly