A Word From Mr. Satterly—February 7, 2019

Dear WA Community,

During our recent upper school principal search, our committee faced the challenging task of selecting finalists from a very competitive group of applicants. The first question we asked was, “What is it about this position that interests you?” Ironically, at the end of each of our three finalists interview, they asked a similar question, “What makes Westminster Academy special?”

The fact that both sides sought answers to a similar question should not be a surprise. After all, those are the very questions that we ourselves ask. Certainly part of the answer lies with our various programs, our rich history, and our commitment to pursue excellence in both faith and learning. Yet, at the end of the day, both our finalists and our committee offered the same response—community. They were attracted to the sense of community here as much as we desire that for ourselves.

This was the focus of One Cup this morning. Why do we all seem to long for belonging and community? What is it about us that desires purpose and meaning? These are fundamental worldview questions, that lens through which we view the world. These are the essential questions that frame how we understand the world. Recall that after pronouncing the creation “good,” God said that being alone was “not good.”

The challenge for us today is not the lack of community—lots of those exist. The rub is finding the ones that actually matter. Most of the places where we seek community are not communities at all; they are fake or facsimiles at best. It has been said that it takes a village, or a community, if you will. That’s not entirely true, a better statement is that the right village is necessary. Many have found that place to be right here at Westminster Academy.

In His Service,

Joel T. Satterly