A Word From Mr. Satterly—October 11, 2018

Dear WA Community,

An institution well into its fourth decade rarely does something for the first time. Most inaugural events happened in the first few years. Yet that was exactly what occurred on Saturday night, October 6, 2018. Upon reflection, it wasn’t so much the event itself—although the notion of an on‐campus dance was groundbreaking. Nor that it was held during a wonderful homecoming weekend, witnessed by the Class of ’78, and new Athletic Hall of Honor inductees. The most significant aspect of Westminster Academy’s first‐ever, on‐campus homecoming dance was the way in which it happened.

Ultimately a school exists to educate students. Westminster Academy seeks the opportunity for students to learn how to lead, how to take responsibility, and how to appropriately press forward. Therefore, students owning their school, investing in its culture, and taking responsibility for its success is an exceedingly sweet thing. It is an indicator of the mission.

We adults have been doing a lot of thinking and talking about how to build school culture. Sometimes it is better to listen. Three young women—all seniors—dared to dream about a homecoming dance. As seniors, they wanted to leave a legacy. So they sought out some counsel and built a case that they eventually presented to the school board. It was a presentation worthy of any workplace. After a few comments and suggestions, the board unanimously endorsed their idea and dancing ensued!

When one considers our profile of a graduate, these students demonstrated those characteristics well. They articulated community building and a commitment to excellence. Critical thinking was evident as well as the attention to being a compassionate contributor. Most of all, they expressed a testimony of being Christ‐followers. I could not be more proud of Maddy, Megan, and Riley. Upon reflection, I think our entire student body embraced this opportunity and demonstrated an understanding of responsibility and ownership. This event was the highlight of a great weekend of celebration at Westminster Academy.


Joel T. Satterly