Lower School Continental Math Results

Lower School Continental Math Results

At Westminster Academy, each second through fifth‐grade student participates in Continental Math—competing against more than a thousand schools nationwide. Beginning in the second grade, students use an array of strategies to solve complex problems. Analytical reasoning problems become more challenging as they move through each grade. The students in second and third grade participated in three separate meets, while the students in fourth and fifth grade participated in five separate meets.

We were pleased to share the results of each grade level:

Second Grade:

  • First Place: Drew Barbar and Janelle Stervil (tied)
  • Second Place: Dominic Walker, Raegan Session, Niko Bosire, and Greta Harms (tied)
  • Third Place: Jacari Jones

Third Grade:

  • First Place: Nicholas Sirois
  • Second Place: Skylar Freas and Noelle Richardson (tied)
  • Third Place: Pilar LaCaria, Blake Alise, Casey Walker, and Lucas Boariu (tied)

Fourth Grade:

  • First Place: Ryan Rivers
  • Second Place: Titziana Peixoto and Addison Dannheim (tied)
  • Third Place: Katelyn Jagelman

Fifth Grade:

  • First Place: Noah Critch
  • Second Place: Sean Harms
  • Third Place: Dianna Montidoro