Fifth Grade Promotion

Fifth Grade Promotion

The class of 2025 celebrated their promotion from fifth grade into middle school on Wednesday, May 23. Gathered in the Kennedy Fellowship Hall at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, the fifth‐grade students primarily conducted their own program.

It began with pledges led by Luna Guzman, Sean Harms, and Mia Kostelidis and an opening prayer by Student Council Prayer Warrior, Ciana Ruocco. Student Council Presidents, Liliana Alise, and Alison Natt welcomed the parents. Following, Alison Natt, Stefan Cammarata, Layla Boghossian, and Maddie Wallhoff shared their reflections. Then, teachers, Mrs. Hatch and Mrs. Wood gave special awards and class certificates.

Parents and students enjoyed hearing the fifth‐grade orchestra play “Ode to Joy,” and the fifth‐grade chorus sing “I Have a Voice.” Then, the event concluded with a closing prayer from Student Council Prayer Warrior, Mycah Johnson.

We are excited to see the Class of 2025 advance through WA into the Upper School. We pray these students enjoy a great summer and come back refreshed for the new season ahead.