A Word From Mr. Satterly—May 24, 2018

Whether it is Are You Smarter Than a First Grader? or the sound of splashes emitting from our swimming pool, or perhaps it’s the scurry to complete exams, it is impossible to miss that the end of the 2017–18 school year is near. Along the way, we’ve experienced a hurricane, another state championship, lots of learning, a trip to Ireland, and a whole bevy of student activity that adds to the accumulation of the 16,000-hour proposition. Each school year unfolds much like the ebb and flow found in Ecclesiastes—a time and a season for many things. We have laughed, cried, worked, and learned. It has been a good year.

As our year concludes, we will say so-long to some colleagues and prepare to welcome those joining our team. We will usher in another class of students into the ranks of Westminster Academy alumni and greet a bunch of new students. We will look to the summer months that offer capital projects, time to plan, and a season of rest.

On Friday evening, many of us will look across the stage and wonder where the time went. I suspect we will do that again in early August as the new year begins. As such, this is the final edition of the eNews for this year. Our regular publication will return in August. Watch your email as we provide important updates as the summer unfolds.

Please allow me to encourage you to consider well God’s blessings for our school community, for your own family, and for our year together.

Grace and Peace,

Joel T. Satterly