Shrek The Musical

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Shrek The Musical

Shrek The Musical presented by Collision Care Xpress

Friday, March 25, and Saturday, March 26, 2022

Shrek The Musical is a hysterical musical remake of the beloved 2001 DreamWorks animated film. Shrek, an ogre who has grown accustomed to being alone in his swamp and sending people running with a single roar, runs into a bit of a conundrum when he returns home to find a large group of fairytale characters dumped on his swamp. Lord Farquaad, the vertically challenged, self-proclaimed ruler of Duloc, has forced out anyone he considers different or unbecoming. When Shrek appears, demanding that his swamp be given back, Farquaad, who is seeking to find a princess to marry so he can officially become a king, strikes a deal:  if Shrek fetches the princess from a castle surrounded by lava and guarded by a dragon, he will give the swamp back.

Meanwhile, the eccentric princess Fiona has been locked in that tower, hiding a secret and dreaming of a handsome, heroic prince who will rescue her. Needless to say, when the two meet, neither is what the other expected and are initially unimpressed with each other. However, as they travel back to Duloc, they begin to discover they have more in common than they think. This dynamic musical, filled with creative puppetry, energetic dance numbers, and endless humor, is sure to capture the hearts of the entire family.

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