Contemporary research confirms what has been recognized for centuries— involvement in the arts benefits academic areas such as math, reading, verbal skills, and critical thinking. Participating in the arts can also instill confidence, improve motivation, increase concentration, and imbue teamwork.

As a school that integrates biblical truths into the curriculum, we recognize that the Scriptures present the fine arts as an integral part of our total development and worship of God. The Fine Arts Department strives to instill within each student an appreciation of these disciplines as a gift from God to be used for His glory.

Our award-winning program consists of numerous class offerings in art, band, chorus, dance, drama, music, orchestra, and broadcasting. WA students receive an age-appropriate background in the arts beginning in PK2. Our upper school music program has been awarded a Music Enrollment Award by the Florida Music Educators Association for having over 35% of our students involved in music.

Fine Arts News

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