Lions Parent Association

The Lions Parent Association (LPA) actively supports the mission of the school by providing opportunities to connect and cultivate relationships, promoting volunteerism and school spirit, and raising awareness of Westminster Academy in the local community.

The LPA serves as the primary means of parental involvement and works to strengthen the home and school link. The LPA is organized in a way to provide flexibility and sharing of responsibilities in order to maximize parental involvement as a key element of school culture.  Opportunities afford a wide range and vary with regard to interest, skill, and time.   

We challenge every family to get involved in some capacity! As a WA parent, you are already a member of the Lions Parent Association and are welcome to attend meetings.

Lions Parent Association Roles

Core Council

The Core Council serves as the leadership team of the LPA.

Chair—Bevan Harms

Vice Chair—Elizabeth Rodrigues

Secretary—Susan Korthals

Team Leaders

Team Leaders oversee one of the six teams of the LPA, providing vision and oversight for their team’s specific purpose.

Abassadors—Christy LaCaria, Danielle Oropesa, & Sabrina Natt

Events—Laura Harms

Faculty & Staff Appreciation—Ale Ora

Hospitality—Sylvia Delgado & Damaris Cruz

Prayer & Care—Nicole Joseph & Marjorie Troast

Support—Melissa Scasserra

The Mane Event Team (WA Dads)—Nelson Ruiz

Class Parents & Ambassadors

Class Parents (PreK—5th grade) serve their child’s class by supporting the teacher and communicating with fellow parents to facilitate activities. Class Parents are also encouraged to promote schoolwide events and volunteerism.

Ambassadors (6th–12th grade parents) serve as communicators by reinforcing schoolwide information in a personal manner; as facilitators by cultivating community, volunteerism, and events; and as representatives by attending meetings of the LPA.


Click below to contact a team leader and express your interest in getting involved.

Welcomes new families to our school and helps them navigate their first year.
Coordinates appreciation gifts, lunches & encouragement for faculty and staff throughout the school year.
Creates an inviting environment at various school events through greeting, decorations and refreshments.
Provides encouragement and support to families experiencing a hardship.

Download the May Prayer Calendar

Organizes events to cultivate relationships and coordinates volunteers for schoolwide events.
Manages the Christmas Boutique and Uniform Bank which fund the LPA.