School Board

The School Board serves as a commission of the Session and under the authority of the Session. The Headmaster reports to and serves under the authority of the School Board and the Session. The Headmaster works closely with the School Board, Lead Pastor, and Session on school matters. The Headmaster is responsible for the mission, guiding principles, spiritual, academic, athletic, fine arts, personnel, finances, and operations of the school ministry. The Headmaster serves on the church’s senior leadership team.

  • George Barbar ’98 (Chairman)
  • Jimmy Branham ’98
  • David Hall
  • Jeff Masters
  • Terry McKay
  • Trey Miller
  • Kim Nava '84
  • Rob Pacienza ’99 (Lead Pastor)
  • Mike Pritchard (Vice-Chairman)
  • Terrie Roughen ’78
  • Carole Sipowski
  • Robert Taylor

School Board Membership

Selection Process & Criteria: The Session, School Board, or Lead Pastor can recommend a name to the Headmaster who would review and confirm that he or she is in good standing and is actively contributing with their time and gifts to both the school and church (pre-qualification). The Headmaster would then review the pre-qualified nomination with the School Board for approval before moving forward with the nomination to be finally approved by the Session.

Membership & Terms: The School Board will have no more than 14 members, including the Headmaster, Lead Pastor, two to five current or alumni WA parents who are also current, active Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church members in good standing and active elders from the Session. School Board members serve one three-year term. A second three-year term may be recommended by the School Board and the Headmaster and approved by the Session.