Financial Assistance Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How are financial assistance awards determined?
    The Financial Assistance Committee (a sub-committee of the Westminster Academy School Board) determines the applicant’s need by evaluating total household income, household expenses, assets, liabilities, and financial hardship. The School uses a third party company, FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, to assist in assessing need. Awards are ultimately determined based on the amount of financial assistance available.
  2. Who is FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment?
    FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment is an independent, third party company that conducts a financial analysis to determine a family’s financial need based on information provided in the application and supporting tax documents.
  3. Do you offer merit scholarships?
    No. Academic, athletic, fine arts, and other merit scholarships are not offered.
  4. Do you offer financial assistance for part-time students?
    No. Financial assistance is offered to full-time students in grades K-12 only.
  5. What is the maximum amount that a family can receive in financial assistance?
    Financial assistance from all sources (other WA discounts, Step Up, McKay, local churches, etc.) will be taken into consideration before a WA Financial Assistance award is considered. Generally, WA Financial Assistance when combined with other sources of financial assistance, will not exceed 75% of tuition. If assistance from other sources becomes available after WA awards Financial Assistance, the WA award can, and likely will, be reduced.
  6. How does the Committee factor a non-working parent into their need assessment?
    The Committee assumes that all adult family members will work to contribute to the investment in a Westminster Academy education. The Committee will input income for parents or guardians who choose not to work and assess need accordingly. Families with preschool-aged children or extraordinary situations should provide a detailed explanation in the application.
  7. What is the deadline to apply for financial assistance?
    Applicants have until March 31 to complete all steps of the financial assistance process. There are three major steps to the process:
    1. Complete FACTS application (requires a completed tax return).
    2. Apply for Step Up For Students (SUFS) Scholarship.
    3. Complete WA Financial Assistance application.

    We encourage applicants to complete steps one and two by March 1 to have responses from FACTS and SUFS by the March 31 deadline.

  8. How long will it be before I hear back from the Committee?
    We anticipate communicating financial assistance award decisions in early May.
  9. What does financial assistance cover?
    Financial assistance applies to tuition only. It does not cover student activity fees, registration fees, capital fees, or any miscellaneous fees.
  10. Can I submit my financial assistance application before I apply for admission?
    No. Your children must first be accepted into Westminster Academy, and their registration and capital fees must be paid in full
  11. We haven’t completed our taxes yet. Can we still submit the application?
    The FACTs portion of the application process requires a completed tax return. We encourage submitting the FACTS application by March 1. (See Question #7).
  12. If I own my own business, do you require my business tax return?
    Yes. Parents who own a business will be required to submit current business tax returns with all supporting schedules.
  13. How long is the financial assistance award good for?
    The financial assistance award is good for one school year only. A new application will need to be submitted and re-evaluated each year.
  14. How is the program funded?
    The program is primarily funded by donations from those committed to helping families provide Christian schooling for all children.

For questions about the financial assistance application process, please contact Courtney Selbach at