Financial Assistance Program

The purpose of the Financial Assistance Program at Westminster Academy is to assist Christian families who have a genuine financial need and are unable to afford the full cost of tuition. Westminster Academy encourages families with limited means to apply for assistance. However, the School expects families who apply to make significant adjustments to the use of discretionary resources and lifestyle choices. The Financial Assistance Committee will require evidence that a family’s commitment to their child’s Christian education is a priority over ancillary lifestyle choices.

Financial assistance is offered in the form of annual awards to full-time students entering grades K-12. The amount of the awards is determined based on an evaluation of the applicant’s financial need by the Financial Assistance Committee (a sub-committee of the School Board). The School uses a third party company, FACTS Grant & Aid, to assist in assessing need. The number of qualified applicants often exceeds the financial assistance resources of the School. Consequently, it is unlikely that qualified applicants will have their entire need met through financial assistance. Westminster Academy seeks to distribute available resources proportionately based on need.

Eligibility for financial assistance is dependent on the following:

New Students

  • Must have applied and been accepted to Westminster Academy.
  • Registration commitment and capital fee must be paid in full.
  • Must apply for the State of Florida “Step Up For Students” Scholarship and provide either an Acceptance or Denial letter to substantiate the application.

Returning Students

  • Re-enrollment fee must be paid in full.
  • Financial accounts with Westminster Academy must be current.
  • Must apply for the State of Florida “Step Up For Students” Scholarship and provide either an Acceptance or Denial letter to substantiate the application.

For more information about the Financial Assistance Program, please see our frequently asked questions or contact Courtney Selbach at

To apply for Financial Assistance, please follow the instructions provided here.

Scholarship Programs

Westminster Academy accepts the State of Florida’s “Step Up For Students” scholarship programs and “McKay” scholarship.

Step Up For Students Scholarships (SUFS):
“Step Up For Students” is a state-approved scholarship funding organization that helps administer two scholarships for Florida schoolchildren:

  • The Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program (FTC) was created to benefit children whose educational options are limited by household income.
  • The Gardiner Scholarship (PLSA) was created to help parents individualize the educational plans for their children with certain special needs.

To access the application or for more information, please visit or call 877.735.7837.

McKay Scholarship:
The McKay Scholarship for Students with Disabilities Program provides Florida students with special needs the opportunity to attend a participating private school.

For more information on eligibility guidelines and how to apply, please visit or call 800.447.1636.

For questions about any of these scholarship programs, please contact Lisa Gonzalez at