About Us—Our Mission & Guiding Principles

We invite you to watch the video below as our students guide you through a quick tour of Westminster Academy.

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Mission Statement

Westminster Academy is a Christ-centered, biblically-based college preparatory school dedicated to equipping covenant students to excel by using their gifts and talents for God’s glory.

Guiding Principles

For the glory of God we will continue to be dedicated to: 

  1. Teaching and modeling God's truth, wisdom  and prayerful discernment in all areas of our school ministry as we exemplify Jesus Christ with our words, work and witness.
  2. Equipping our students with a scholarly and biblical world and life view as we educate them to become exceptional lifelong learners, extraordinary thinkers and Christ-honoring decision makers.
  3. Inspiring our students to excel with their gifts and talents in academics, spiritual and character development, fine arts, athletics, service to others and student life programs.
  4. Instilling in our students a biblical love and respect for God, His truth, Jesus Christ, parents, family, teachers, school, church, community and country.
  5. Encouraging and discipling our students and school community to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and their understanding of God's Holy Word as they strive to be champions of the three greats—the Great Commandment, the Great Commission and the Great Cultural Mandate.

What do we believe?

Westminster Academy is an educational ministry of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church and as such is related denominationally to the Presbyterian Church In America. It gives instruction to children and youth from within a biblical framework as interpreted through the historic, orthodox creeds and doctrines of the Church. In particular it views God, life, and scripture through that form of biblical interpretation presented by the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Larger and Shorter Catechisms.

Philosophy of Christian Education

The God of the Bible—the Old and New Testaments—is the creator and sustainer of all that exists. He possesses absolute authority over all things.

In the Bible God has revealed Himself, His will and His way to us. Through the Bible we learn to understand the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and learn to understand His created, natural world and the principles He has placed therein.

Education must use the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as the infallible basis and interpreter for all teaching and learning.

Schooling must guide the child to an understanding of God’s centrality to all of life and learning. No academic discipline or schooling activity lies outside of this quest.

We believe that God has loaned children to their parents—not to schools, churches, or governments. The school exists to assist parents in the Godly rearing of their children as an extension of their home.

Who attends Westminster Academy?

Children from homes where parents have personally embraced Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, who hold active membership in a local Christian church, and who are supported by a ministerial endorsement are eligible for enrollment. The student body is comprised of children and youth from more than 150 Christian churches representing every major denomination.