Lower School Media Center Services

The Media Center is open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. each day during which time access to the facility and its collection is extended to all patrons. Each class attends a half hour scheduled media period every week. Approximately half the class time is spent in skills instruction. The remainder is used for perusal of the collection and checkout of materials.

Teachers are encouraged to reserve a portion of the center for additional instruction with their classes. Individual and small groups of students are able to use the center with the permission of their teachers at any time throughout the day. Families, as well as students and staff, are welcome to use the center before and after school.

Electronic checkout and return are conducted at the circulation desk near the entrance doors. A stamped due date card is slipped into a pocket in the inside back of each item. Returned materials are placed in a book return slot at the circulation desk.

All materials, except reference and CD-ROMs, are loaned to patrons according to the following regulations:

Patrons Items Due back
Kindergarten 1 1 week
Grade 1 1 1 week
Grade 2 2 2 weeks
Grade 3 3 2 weeks
Grade 4 & 5 4 2 weeks
Audio Cassettes & CDs
All Patrons 2 1 week
Videos & DVDs
Parents & Teachers 2 next school day

Overdue notices are printed and distributed each Monday. A fee of $0.05 per day per item is charged. One "Day of Grace" is extended to patrons returning materials one day late. This courtesy is withdrawn upon succeeding school days. Exceptions are granted only to teachers in order to meet curricular need.