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Corporate Partners
The focus of the Development Office is creating a culture of philanthropy.
However, we value the support of local businesses and provide the following events and options for exposure to the WA community. Partnerships run from July 1 – June 30 each year.

Primary Event Sponsorships
October 23: Golf Tournament  (Opportunities begin at $200)
December 1: Clay Tournament (Opportunities begin at $200)
March 2: Auction (Opportunities begin at $500)
April 20: Fishing Tournament  (Opportunities begin at $250)

Additional Opportunities
One Cup Presented by (Insert business/family name here)
($500 and commitment to provide coffee and pastries)
NEW quarterly event for parents to gain valuable parenting insight from our headmaster in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee after drop-off at 8 a.m.
Available dates: September 7, November 2, February 1, and April 5

#Giving Tuesday (November 28) matching gift of $5,000 or more
Company recognition in all promotion (Banner on 56th Street, e-mail, social media)

Print Opportunities
Banners or Gym Scorer Table Scrolling Marquee $1000 ($500 renewals)
Robotics sponsorships (Opportunities begin at $100)
Christmas Boutique Slideshow on November 3-4 ($100)
Spring Play Program on April 6-7 (Opportunities begin at $25)
Homecoming (October 6) or Winter Court (January 19) ads

  • $500 full color back page
  • $100 ½ page ad inside
  • $50 ¼ page ad inside

Please note the following:
•    Please consult your tax advisor as there is often a greater tax benefit for a businesses to claim the contribution as a business expense.
•    RenWeb is provided as a convenience for our families and not intended for solicitation.
•    Businesses are responsible for providing a high res logo when applicable.
•    Please contact the Development Office if you would like to discuss a customized package.

Please contact Sarah Hajduk, Director of Development, for more information at or 954.771.4615, ext. 2504.