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Technology Tips: Device Boundaries

April 10, 2014 Posted in: School News Tags: , ,

As we begin our annual Turn It Off Challenge (TV and Device Turn Off week, April 11–16) tomorrow, this is a great opportunity to consider how we live in an “always on” culture. While we encourage all of our students and school community to turn off their TVs, tablets, and phones we realize that it is not always practical or in some cases even possible. The focus of this week is less about what you don’t tune into, and more about what you do tune in to. We encourage our students and community to engage in the blessings of really focusing on people—in person.

Whether your child is up to the challenge of turning of all media or simply limiting it, this is the perfect opportunity to discuss age-appropriate boundaries for usage of TV, and all electronic devices. The following are some boundaries you may want to consider:

  • Location of devices in the evening—should be in common areas, not bedrooms
  • “Connected curfew”—a lights out time for media and devices
  • Limiting the number of “friends” that can follow or be followed
  • Absolutely no secret accounts
  • Passwords and lock codes shared with parents
  • Don’t share personal information with anyone online
  • Comply with website terms regarding age as most sites are 13+ years and some are restricted to 18+ (SnapChat for example)

You may want to either use the following age-appropriate Family Media Agreement from Common Sense Media either as-is or as a starting point for discussions.




Social Media Tip: Verify Before You Share

January 15, 2014 Posted in: School News Tags:

social-media-tipsOne of the most impressive things about social media is the speed at which information can spread. Everyone is now a journalist—sending reports, photos and commentary all over the world with a few taps of their thumbs. Unfortunately, misinformation spreads just as quickly. Reports of Tom Cruise’s death in Australia and Justin Bieber’s retirement circulated through social media like wildfire only to be found untrue. Most of us have forwarded an email or two, with information we later found to be false. Before spreading information, be sure to do some basic fact-checking. If it is important enough to share, it’s important enough to spend a few minutes to look into it. You can use anything from a simple Google search to checking with a site like to get the scoop on many Internet-circulated urban legends and misinformation.

Social Media Tip: Use A Bible App To Share God’s Word

December 18, 2013 Posted in: School News Tags: , ,

social-media-tipsLarge, leather-bound study Bibles are giving way to Bible apps on mobile devices. In addition to being much easier to have at hand, one of the benefits of these apps is the built in ability to quickly share a passage of scripture on a variety of social media.  YouVersion is a free, popular Bible app that has great integration with Facebook, Twitter and SMS messages. This Christmas Season consider ways to share the true meaning of Christmas with your followers and friends online.

Social Media Seminar Video

November 15, 2013 Posted in: School News Tags: , , ,

Brody Howell SeminarPastor Brody Howell recently spoke to Westminster Academy upper school students during their weekly chapels about making wise choices online with social media. On Friday, November 8, there was a seminar for WA parents, where he shared some helpful tips pertaining to social media. The video is available now for viewing online.

Brody is married to Kelly, they have four children, he serves as a pastor at First Baptist Church of Fort Lauderdale and is an area advisor for First Priority of South Florida.  He is also the founder of Core Solutions For Family Life, which offers consulting, teaching and resources for churches and schools with a strategic focus on reaching families.

Social Media Tip: Accountability

November 8, 2013 Posted in: School News Tags: , ,

social-media-tipsA special internet accountability service may be a great resource for our families. Internet Accountability tracks websites visited on your computers, smart phones, and tablets, and sends them in an easy-to-read report to someone you trust. This may make it easier to talk about the temptations one may face online.

These can help families in a number of ways; it helps to break a habit of looking at inappropriate content online or helps to ensure such habits never starts.

Here a few popular services:




Social Media Chapel & Parenting Seminar

October 31, 2013 Posted in: School News Tags: , , ,

Brody HowellParents are invited to join us for chapel on Wednesday, November 6 at 9:30 a.m. to hear Pastor Brody Howell speak to the students about Social Media and how it applies to our commitment to the Lord. Pastor Howell spoke to the middle school students this past Wednesday.

If you are unable to attend, please join us for a special seminar on this topic at a fellowship continental breakfast planned for Friday, November 8, from 8:00 to 8:30 a.m. in the Kennedy Fellowship Hall. All WA parents from preschool through 12th grade are welcome to attend this special breakfast to hear from Pastor Howell about social media.

Brody Howell is a Pastor at First Baptist Church of Fort Lauderdale as well as an area adviser for First Priority of South Florida. Brody is also the founder of Core Solutions For Family Life, which offers consulting, teaching and resources for churches and schools with a strategic focus on reaching families.

Social Media Tip Of The Week: What You Put On The Internet Is Rarely Private

October 25, 2013 Posted in: School News Tags: , ,

social-media-tipsFrom its inception the Internet was designed for one thing—to share information. Who would have imagined that it would become a giant public record database—with the most detailed information about our personal lives submitted voluntarily. How many times to we post about what we eat, what we read, what we like or don’t like, how we vote, and even when we are out of town. Nothing posted to the Web ever truly goes away, and is only a username and password away from access by anyone—many don’t need either. People may be surprised how quickly and easily their personal information may be shared. Be very careful what information you choose to share online—it is not private.